Toy creator Mattel unveils novel dedicated NFT marketplace on Flow blockchain 

Toy creator Mattel unveils novel dedicated NFT marketplace on Flow blockchain 

The famous toy maker Mattel’s quest to improve its commitment to the NFT space grows more profound as it unveils a dedicated NFT marketplace. Mattel has already recorded early wins through its ranks as the most active brand in its category, with enthusiasm for stretching its capacities in the NFT market.

Mattel’s new NFT marketplace

Toy manufacturer Mattel has amplified its pursuit of NFT growth by launching a new dedicated platform for trading NFTs. According to the press release acquired by Bitcoinist, the toy-making company is opening a peer-to-peer platform for NFT trading driven by Rarible.

The company is also utilizing the services of Magic, one of the wallet-as-a-service suppliers, to create a user-friendly wallet. Additionally, Mattel will continue partnering with Flow to enhance blockchain integration.

According to Ron Friedman, Vice President of Mattel Future Lab, the emergence of the new marketplace signals the strides Mattel is taking towards involving its stakeholders in its iconic brands. He added, “Including a marketplace on the existing easy-to-navigate platform would enhance buying and selling NFTs.”

The announcement complements the release of Series 5 ‘Hot Wheels NFT Garage,’ making toy cars into focus as the featured elements. According to Friedman, enthusiasts can use the updated platform when interacting with the ‘Hot Wheels NFT Garage’ 5th series.

Mattel’s accomplishments

Mattel was one of the companies that tapped into the NFT space early enough and have continued to grow its enthusiasm by creating major NFT pieces. Hot Wheels project remains among the top flagship projects following its success and impression towards NFT adoption by the company.

The company announced plans to create a dedicated platform for trading NFTs last year during the launch of the “Mattel Creations” project. Last year’s revelations also gestured the adoption of FLOW as the new partner taking a change from WAX

Going by the press release, the initial launch of the marketplace was delayed as the launch was projected for early 2023. 

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