Grammy-nominated artist Tove Lo enters the animated world with Shinsei Galverse in “I like u”

Grammy-nominated artist Tove Lo enters the animated world with Shinsei Galverse in “I like u”

Grammy-Award nominated artist Tove Lo has joined forces with the Tokyo-based Shinsei Galverse NFT project. Together, they have crafted a 90s-tinged dance track and a corresponding animated music video that resonates with themes of feminine complexity, love’s sorrow, and Tove’s characteristically dark musical sensibilities.

The vision behind the collaboration

The music video is a testament to the blending of different artistic mediums. Character designs were sculpted by Satoshi Ishino, with direction led by Shinsei Galverse founder Ayaka Ohira and assistance from co-director Yūta Takamura. The team aimed to create a science fiction spectacle, marrying the melancholy of love with grand cosmic narratives.

A cosmic story unfolds

In the realm of the Shinsei Galverse, Tove’s anime persona faces trials of love and war. Confronting Annie, her robot lover from previous works, Tove’s planet becomes a battlefield under siege from alien foes. 

Her transformation into a scorpion-tailed warrior underscores themes of survival and strength, even as it hints at sacrifice, as she must consume her mate to endure the coming conflict.

Craftsmanship and artistry

This animated masterpiece stands out for its exceptional crew. The artistic ensemble, including Hiromasa Ogura and a team of skilled animators, lent their collective talents to bring the video to life. Backgrounds, key animations, and every detail were painstakingly crafted, producing a rich tapestry of visual delight.

The Shinsei Galverse initiative

More than a mere artistic project, Shinsei Galverse represents a revolution in digital empowerment. Utilizing cutting-edge technology like digital collectibles, VTubers, and custom AI, the initiative tells the tale of 8,888 powerful Gals striving to make the galaxy a better place. 

Collaboration with Wagmi Labs Inc also teases an upcoming Shinsei Galverse anime pilot, expanding the horizons of this innovative universe.

Tove Lo’s “Crypto Tits”

Tove Lo’s musical journey, marked by successes like “Queen of the Clouds” and Grammy-nominated “Glad He’s Gone,” has reached a new zenith with this animated venture. Her affinity for dark aesthetics and compelling storytelling continues to evolve, capturing audiences across the globe.

Grammy-nominated artist Tove Lo enters the animated world with Shinsei Galverse in "I like u” - 1
Sad Girl Problems NFT (Source: Nifty)

While this latest venture is non-NFT related, the artist has already delved into the world of digital collectibles. In 2021, Tove Lo released her own collection, “Crypto Tits”, on the Nifty’s marketplace.

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