Togg C-SUV pre-orders its 2023 special series with NFT

Togg C-SUV pre-orders its 2023 special series with NFT

The Togg C-SUV car brand is celebrating its 100th anniversary and wants to mark the occasion with an original gesture. Customers will have to pre-order one of the models from the NFT collection. The company is simplifying the procedure by creating a mobile application, Togg’s Trumore, which is very easy to use. Note that only 2023 units will be available for sale. Find out how the pre-order process works.

The Togg’s Trumore application

To make it easier for its customers to purchase the collection, Togg C-SUV has created a mobile application. This is the first point of contact with the Trumore website. In addition to its multiple services, this tool helps you participate in the pre-order process. 

Users will have the opportunity to determine the ranking of the entire NFT collection. The collection will be produced especially for the 100 years of Togg C-SUV. Pre-orders will only be made with NFTs, which include the artworks designed by Gûvenç Ozel and new media artist Mehmet Unal.

The sale will be made according to certain specific criteria. These artworks will be determined as “normal”, “rare”, “very rare”, and “rarest”. It all depends on the type of rarity. In case you own NFTs from the special 100th-anniversary series, you can benefit from Togg 2023 smart devices. These will have serial numbers similar to the NFT they acquired.

This entitlement allows NFT owners to order the Togg smart device on the pre-order date. Once you have received your Togg smart device, the NFT will continue to be stored on its platform.

Differences in the Togg C-SUV special series

When the user downloads Togg’s Trumore mobile app, they must create Tru.ID. However, you will only be able to bid for one NFT when you go through the NFT buying platform.

Those who hold the reporting auction will also acquire the right to pre-order the smart device corresponding to the processed number. As an illustration, consider an investor who takes NFT number #1923 via auction or direct purchase. He owns the pre-order linked to the special series smart device engraved on the front decorative panel corresponding to this series. This is also the case for the smart device keys and covers.

It should also be noted that the seats of these smart appliances are also different from the mass production. As for the emblem of the special anniversary series, it is produced in embroidered form. Finally, Togg’s “Special 100-year series” of smart appliances are intended for a certain category of people. These are the owners of the NFT in the color options Gemlik and Anadolu.

How to get the NFT?

For NFTs that are going to be sold on the Trumore platform, acquisitions can be made via the NFT list screen. This is also the case for those that will be purchased with Avalanche (AVAX). Be careful, however, as not everything is as easy as you think. Consider for example that the highest bid is placed on the NFT of interest during the auction. Thus, the right to pre-order will belong to the bidder.

Only 2023 pieces of these smart devices will be offered for sale, making it an exclusive collection for only the most avid fans of Togg.

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