Toekenz Poised to Launch Baby Shark NFTs by Partnering with Pinkfong Company

Toekenz Poised to Launch Baby Shark NFTs by Partnering with Pinkfong Company

Toekenz, the software company known for family-focused apps, has announced that it is poised to launch a Baby Shark NFT collection.

Announcing a New Partnership

According to a recent press release, Toekenz is partnering with The Pinkfong, the global entertainment firm behind the popular Baby Shark. As a result of the collaboration, a new blockchain-based game will be born.

The news broke after Toekenz announced a collaboration with Mattel and Boat. The Toekenz app supports the customization of Baby Shark items giving the kids options to select the exact shark character that they prefer. It also has a learning feature that enables children to learn within the digital space.

A Safe NFT Gaming Platform for Kids

The application prioritizes the child’s safety and supports guidance from parents. This makes it possible for parents to lead their children by hand in their quest to learn about the digital economy. Activities such as trading of digital collectibles and family support are accessible within the app.

The update from the company stated that the collaboration brings the Baby Shark love to the whole family. Families can share the digital collectibles that they love with friends and relatives through the Toekenz DAO, a child-friendly community where kids can exercise democratic rights such as voting and more, strengthening their collective decision-making skills while socializing with other kids in a safe environment.

Bin Jeong, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pinkfong USA, spoke on the company’s partnership with Toekenz:

“We are pleased to be able to work together with Toekenz to share this experience with families. Parents and children together will have a blast customizing their Baby Shark avatars and learning about trading digital assets while playing original games.”

The First Family-focused NFT Gaming Metaverse

Toekenz is a company focused on developing digital brands and items based on blockchain technologies. Its emphasis has been on giving families and their children the best on-chain experience with these products.

The company was founded by Iris Ichishita and James Runnels, both crypto industry experts, and it’s the very first family-focused maker of NFTs built with the safety of children in mind. The platform’s parental control mechanisms, marketplace, and user-friendly games are designed to prepare children for Web3.

James Runnels, Co-Founder and Chairman of Toekenz Collectibles, who is also the CEO of Digital Prime Technologies, added:

“The team has built the most robust NFT experience out there. I am impressed by the program that Bin and Iris have put together for Baby Shark, which is truly unique. We look forward to adding to this project’s roadmap and delighting fans.”

The Toekenz app is currently at the beta testing stage as a play-to-earn gaming platform backed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The application and its full metaverse marketplace will be made available to the public by Q1 of 2023, according to the update from the company.

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