Tintin comic series will be revived through new NFT drop

Tintin comic series will be revived through new NFT drop

Crossmint, a start-up that provides blockchain infrastructure, has collaborated with Tintinimaginatio to launch the initial NFT collection of the beloved Tintin comic series.

The Web3 Adventures of Tintin

The upcoming collection includes a limited print run of 777 copies and a purely digital NFT restricted to 1,777 pieces, all of which are one-of-a-kind and offer benefits such as early access to new versions of “The Blue Lotus” book before publication, as well as exclusive passes to the Hergé museum. The NFTs feature “The Blue Lotus” illustration, which was previously sold for €2.6 million ($2.8 million) at an auction earlier this year.

The primary objective of Tintinimaginatio is to safeguard and provide assistance to the works of Hergé, the mastermind behind the beloved Tintin series.

The NFT collection incorporates the geographical coordinates of Tintin’s journey locations, granting its purchasers access to various benefits. Additionally, a digital brochure produced by Philippe Goddin, a prominent Hergéologist, will be part of each acquisition.

Comic book fans and Web3 enthusiasts can access the collection through the Digital Tintin website, allowing payments using both cryptocurrency and conventional payment methods.

Tintin’s Legacy and Adaption to current times

Tintin was brought to life in 1929 by Hergé, a Belgian cartoonist, who went on to create 23 comic books featuring the character. Tintin’s exciting escapades quickly gained popularity in Europe and were subsequently translated into more than 70 languages, serving as inspiration for movies, TV shows, and a theme park. Tintin is now widely regarded as a cultural icon and an outstanding example of European comics.

The Tintin series gained a reputation for its complex storylines, thorough investigation, and elaborate artwork. Due to its educational value, the comic books became a popular teaching aid in schools, captivating a diverse audience of both young and old.

Despite the acclaim, the original Tintin books have come under fire for their racist and colonialist implications. Some of the characters depicted in the books were stereotyped and derogatory, leading to controversy. However, in later years, Hergé recognized his errors and re-drew certain panels to remove the offensive content, striving for a more inclusive and respectful representation of diverse cultures.

Digital Nostalgia on sale

The Tintin NFT collection presents enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to possess a fragment of Tintin’s heritage. The Tintin franchise boasts a steadfast and devoted following, with numerous collectors keen on acquiring a slice of Tintin’s past. The NFTs provide a novel means of connecting with the Tintin series and ushering it into the digital era.

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