Ticketmaster inflated prices for Avenged Sevenfold NFT tickets for the upcoming tour

Ticketmaster inflated prices for Avenged Sevenfold NFT tickets for the upcoming tour

Avenged Sevenfold have contracted Ticketmaster to sell their Deathbats Club NFTs tickets for the impending shows to discourage bots and scalpers. However, fans have complained about hiked prices by Ticketmaster.

Upcoming Avenged Sevenfold tour

If you own an Avenged Sevenfold NFT, you might have bought the renowned band’s looming tour ticket, but unluckily, you did not get it at the best price courtesy of Ticketmaster.  

Last week, Deathbats Club members, an elite non-fungible tokens (NFT)-gated enthusiasts bat associated with Avenged Sevenfold, received news on a new integration. The band, through a tweet, indicated that it would integrate Ticketmaster to sell tickets to the Avenged Sevenfold (A7X) NFT holders.

The band broke its silence on March 14 by releasing a “Nobody” hit after going underground for a little while. The new single was to act as a forerunner to the upcoming “Life is but a Dream ” album launch scheduled for June. 2 this year.

The Avenged Sevenfold also planned a tour in conjunction with Ticketmaster. The tour will culminate in New York City’s iconic Madison Square Garden.

Ticketmaster’s actions anger fans

Efforts of the band deviating from using scalpers and bots and opting for Ticketmaster were futile since fans never got the correct prices.

Most Avenged Sevenfold NFT owners and non-NFT band fans displayed displeasure through Reddit, claiming Ticketmaster’s prices were exploitive.

A fan displayed a screenshot of the six tickets they bought, each costing $282, spanked with a $54.29 extra service fee, implying that each ticket attracts a $54.29 price. 

Avenged Sevenfold on dynamic pricing

Ticketmaster applied dynamic pricing, a pricing system that relies on demand. Dynamic pricing came into the market to scare off scalpers by matching the value of tickets with what touts could sell. It enables promoters and artists to keep the profit.

The A7X has previously weighed in dynamic pricing, whereby M Shadows said the method enables artists to set favorable prices, which might annoy the followers. Still, it brings more revenue to the artists. Most artists have embraced dynamic pricing to cap prices concerning face value.

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