Thumbay Group launches the biggest AI and blockchain-backed medical education platform 

Thumbay Group launches the biggest AI and blockchain-backed medical education platform 

On May 2, 2023, Dr. Thumbay Moideen launched Healthvarsity, the largest online learning platform for health professionals in the United Arab Emirates.

Medical education is now more accessible

Dr. Thumbay Moideen, the founder and President of Thumbay Group, the Dubai-based international business organization, has launched Healthvarsity in Dubai, UAE. The education platform is among the pioneers of using AI and blockchain technology in medical education and healthcare. 

The establishment will offer over 200 courses, including mental health, autism, homeopathy, Ayurveda, and Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM). Users will be awarded blockchain certificates to validate the courses and maintain security. 

Healthvasity aims to be the leading learning platform in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, providing high-quality online medical education

Thumbay Media COO, Vignesh S. Unadkat, said that Healthvarsity has many partners from the UK, Australia, India, and other companies. Thumbay Group enables these partners to offer accredited and certified courses on the platform. The platform is AI and blockchain-enabled for maximum efficiency. 

Healthvarsity is AI-incorporated for maximum efficiency

Healthvarsity will use AI for engagement analysis, course analytics, and student analytics. The AI incorporation will provide a seamless learning experience and improve learning results. The platform will also add metaverse and AR/VR technologies to improve the learning experience.

Courses that require face-to-face interaction will be delivered with the help of partners, including Gulf Medical University (GMU), but Healthvarsity will take care of the online aspect. 

The team developing the Healthvarsity platform includes health professionals, doctors, and technology specialists. The specialists have analyzed healthcare-related problems and developed hands-on solutions in their respective fields.

Instructors can create courses and opt to deliver the certificate on the blockchain, and the student will get the certificate as an NFT after completing the course. A learner must answer a series of questions that the AI will use to offer them relevant courses.

Healthverse will empower learners to pick micro-credentials and on-demand courses to improve their careers. The platform CEO, Dr. Mohamed M. Al-Eraky, noted that the courses do not demand long-term commitment like regular post-grad programs. Instead, it is a short commitment where the learners can pick what to learn depending on their career needs. The platform targets a broad audience of students, professionals, and established medical and university staff members.  

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