Thred launches hub for NFT creators, artists, and consumers

Thred launches hub for NFT creators, artists, and consumers

According to recent reports, an NFT platform called Thred launched to help users discover upcoming NFT collections.

Thred NFT startup launches

According to a press statement via PRweb, Thred announced the availability of its services to the general crypto community on February 16th. This new project is a child of a former Amazon and Starbucks executive, Ben Straley, who is now both the founder and CEO. 

Straley noted that his roles in the two companies enabled him to generate this idea that will vastly help the crypto community, both creators and investors. 

Straley identified that it takes a lot of work for investors to find NFTs with some personal significance. As such, creators are also unable to reach the large NFT audience. The CEO also said; 

“There’s still this problem… it’s not straightforward or easy to know where to go for the authentic collection.”

Thred launches hub for NFT creators, artists, and consumers - 1

Thred NFT platform home page. Source; Thred 

Thred is launched as a hub where NFT asset creators, influencers, businesses, artists, and consumers will give ratings and reviews on individual NFTs. On Thred, users can do simple searches for digital assets and share reviews on ones they have experienced.

The endgame of this platform’s launch is enabling average NFT investors to identify and differentiate between viable and trustworthy or unclear and sketchy NFTs projects. Thred leverages autonomous algorithms combined with machine learning to properly fulfill its role. 

At the moment, Thred’s services are only available for NFT investors in two blockchains, Ethereum and Polygon. However, there are already futuristic plans to expand Thred’s reach to more blockchains, including Solana and Bitcoin. Interestingly, Thred is connected to different marketplaces. As such, with only a click, the investor will be directed to a marketplace to purchase the NFT. 

The NFT market resurgence

The global NFT market is noticing some slow recovery after severe winters hit the crypto ecosystem in 2022. For months since February, the NFT market recorded a downward value momentum.

However, according to data analytics, last month, the NFT market recorded the highest volumes since June last year. As highlighted, in only the first week of January, the NFT market recorded $208 million in sales. Based on Cryptoslam’s data, this NFT resurgence could continue even in February.

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