Thetan Arena’s Birthday Celebrations Begin With Prizes and NFTs

Thetan Arena’s Birthday Celebrations Begin With Prizes and NFTs

As a thank-you for the community’s support since the game’s inception, Thetan Arena is introducing the Thetan 184 NFT collection on the anniversary of the game’s release. The collection will provide Thetanians with several perks and offers.

Thetan Arena Supports the Community on its Birthday

Thetan Arena, a free-to-play blockchain-based game, is celebrating its first anniversary since venturing into web3 gaming. To commemorate this achievement, it will have a landing page that will feature time-limited activities for Thetanians to participate in and win prizes.

The celebrations already began on December 1. With Thetan Rivals expecting millions of users by 2023, the Thetan environment will continue to flourish.

Celebrating in Style

Thetan Arena’s 1-Year Annual celebration will run from December 5 to January 5, with multiple events scheduled on the official website. Users of Thetan Arena can analyze their data in the project by touring the landing page, which includes the number of matches they have fought, their favorite heroes and skills, and the number of friends they have in the game.

A fun competition called Best Fan Check-in brings together Thetans worldwide. Simple check-in requirements must be met for your nation to place first on the leaderboard for check-ins and win special rewards. Thetanians can also obtain the Birthday Gift Box from Thetan Arena by participating in the contest.

In addition, Thetan Arena is hosting many activities and events in combination with the anniversary celebration, including BNB Chain’s Football Fiesta, the forthcoming Giftmas Fortune Wheel, and Mythical Christmas season programs, which have plenty of prizes to be won.

Concerning Thetan 184 NFTs, the catalog is set to release in four chapters, with Chapter 1: The OGs available on December 9. The NFTs will be accompanied by valuable items such as Thetan Heros, the Thetan Book, a figure, and other physical merchandise. The Thetan 184 NFT collection will also be among the first BNB Chain NFT kits released publicly on OpenSea.

Competing Against Giants (League of Legends and Dota 2)

Thetan’s blockchain-based eSports MOBA game, which resembles other gaming franchises such as League of Legends and Dota 2, was released at the end of November 2021. Since then, the project has amassed millions of users worldwide.

The game keeps things hot through several updates and activities, including the international Rise of Helios competition and the introduction of new playable characters like Cala and Chef Octopus. The player base has been expanding quickly; after a year, there are now about 25 million members. These figures are outstanding for a GameFi project and portray a bright and exciting future for Thetan Arena.

CEO Expresses Appreciation

In honor of the first anniversary, Thetan Arena CEO expresses his appreciation to the society, along with the partners, investors, and guilds who have helped the project get to where it is now.

Looking back on the past year, the Wolffun Game team is more inspired than ever to consciously develop and widen the Thetan ecosystem, beginning with Thetan Rivals, a casual game product presently in open beta and scheduled for release in 2023. The CEO Thetan Arena, Eric Khanh Nguyen, stated:

“By now, Wolffun Game is having around 100 talents with exceptional expertise in the gaming industry. We are not simply a group of individuals coming together, but an entity whose members all share the devotion to bring our projects closer to the masses. Believe that the world is going to see more of us in 2023. Once again, we extend our gratitude to the Thetanian community and every user who has been sticking by us.”

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