The Simpsons teases new NFT-themed episode

The Simpsons teases new NFT-themed episode

The anticipated trailer for The Simpsons season 35 has unveiled that the iconic series may be taking on the topic of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). However, critics suggest that this topic is now outdated, having already been covered by South Park and Futurama.

The Simpsons 33-year legacy

Since its inception, The Simpsons has set a benchmark in adult animated comedy. Its resounding success in the late 1980s and early 1990s paved the way for many other shows, with networks eager to replicate its magic. This led to the creation of cult favorites such as King of the Hill and South Park.

Aiming to replicate South Park’s success

Interestingly, while the TV show inspired many, it also occasionally borrowed from the very shows it influenced. South Park’s infamous “Simpsons did it” tagline humorously referenced this cycle. Although it’s not always problematic for The Simpsons to derive ideas from its competitors, issues arise when it seems to be chasing South Park’s shadow, especially in timeliness.

The evident NFT storyline in the Season 35 trailer is a case in point. With an unmistakably animated ape accompanying Homer, it’s clear that the show intends to parody the NFT trend. But South Park had already brilliantly satirized the same subject in June 2022, with Futurama following in its footsteps.

South Park’s ability to stay timely has been one of its defining features. With an impressive production mechanism, South Park can churn out episodes in merely five days. This agility ensures the show can riff on current events, setting it apart with its finger-on-the-pulse humor. Meanwhile, The Simpsons often finds itself trailing behind due to its longer production time.

NFT-themed poster

Interestingly, the longstanding animated TV show had already displayed an NFT-themed poster in July. Featured for the special Halloween episodes (Treehouse of Horror XXXIV), the poster in question included iconic NFT collections like Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, and Doodles.

The Simpsons teases new NFT-themed episode - 1

The episodes marketed on the poster were originally produced for Season 34 but had to be delayed. According to the Fandom Wiki, the plot revolved around Marge confronting an NFT onslaught targeting animated figures, orchestrated by Mr. Teeny, in a spoof reminiscent of Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch.

Untimely release

Come October 2023, when The Simpsons’ NFT episode is expected to air, the topic has already been vastly covered.

Furthermore, NFTs are not in the public spotlight any longer. Although the American public is still interested in the topic, as NFTs are among the most popular crypto-related search terms, the days of mass hype and hysteria are long gone.

Hopefully, The Simpsons will manage to offer a fresh satirical perspective that appeases NFT aficionados and fans of the show, thus reviving interest in this unique asset class.

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