The Simpsons-inspired NFT collection ‘Springfield Punks’ skyrockets to $2.5M in sales

The Simpsons-inspired NFT collection ‘Springfield Punks’ skyrockets to $2.5M in sales

The NFT collection combining the visual style of CryptoPunks with elements from “The Simpsons” has achieved an astonishing $2.5 million in sales within a mere 24-hour timeframe and now stands as the leading trending asset on OpenSea, a remarkable turnaround given the recent Simpsons episode that humorously critiqued the NFT space.

Springfield Punks take the NFT space by storm

The ‘Treehouse of Horror’ episode introduced the Simpson family’s adventures in a fictional metaverse known as Microcosm.

The creative episode sparked a frenzy around “Springfield Punks”, an NFT collection merging “The Simpsons” charm with the aesthetics of CryptoPunks. Created by Italian artist Rino Russo, the collection saw a rapid sellout as the episode aired, offering free minting for collectors, with additional NFTs priced at 0.01 ETH ($19) each.

The Springfield Punks floor price is set at a more realistic 0.0497 ETH at the time of writing, although it briefly surged above 0.4 ETH ($700) within the last 24 hours.

The collection garnered tremendous attention, achieving $2.5 million in sales within a single day and surpassing 10.000 sales since its introduction.

A new project on the horizon

This impressive feat places creator Rino Russo’s brainchild among the top NFT collections on OpenSea, standing shoulder to shoulder with industry giants like the Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks. Russo has since teased a new project in a Twitter (X) post that has already garnered over 7,000 comments.

Simpsons NFT fever

Springfield Punks is not the only Simpsons-themed NFT collection drawing attention on OpenSea, as others like The Chimpsons Official also witnessed significant surges in floor prices.

The Simpsons-inspired NFT collection 'Springfield Punks' skyrockets to $2.5M in sales - 1
The Chimpsons (Source: OpenSea)

The success of “Springfield Punks” underscores the growing influence of NFTs within mainstream culture. This collection’s rapid ascent is a testament to the immense appeal of merging pop culture with the blockchain-based art world.

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