The Sandbox: Ushering in a new era for creators with new tools and $100M fund

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The Sandbox: Ushering in a new era for creators with new tools and $100M fund

The Sandbox has announced a trio of significant initiatives at its inaugural Global Creators Day in Hong Kong. Tapping into the heart of the Asian market, where 30% of its users are based, the platform is setting the stage to add 2,000 user-generated experiences in 2024, leveraging a community of 130,000 creators and 24,000 LAND owners.

Facilitating user-generated content

The Sandbox has eliminated the initial application process for publishing, allowing LAND owners to share their experiences on The Sandbox Map instantly. This pivotal update is expected to catalyze a surge in user-generated content across the platform.

The metaverse platform is also launching a new $100 million SAND Game Maker Fund, a significant leap from the previous $10M fund. Chief Content Officer Nicola Sebastiani emphasizes: “We value experiences… and the adventures you design.”

The fund is poised to not only support creation but also reward the engagement generated within the platform, introducing a DAO-based selection system.

No-code game maker

The third and final incentive is an upcoming version of The Sandbox’s free no-code Game Maker, set to release before the year’s end. It will introduce new gameplay mechanics and social features, further simplifying content production and enhancing user engagement.

The Sandbox’s commitment to creators

The Hong Kong event was more than just announcements; it reaffirmed The Sandbox’s commitment to participatory and rewarding entertainment. The executive team highlighted their vision for a creator-centric future, boasting eight new cultural neighborhoods introduced this year and a tally of 125,000 LAND parcels sold.

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The Sandbox ‘Creators Day 2023’ (Source)

Emphasizing the importance of Web3’s new control and revenue structures for creators of all kinds, Arthur Madrid, co-founder and CEO of The Sandbox, stated:

“We spent the last two years focused on building our Game Maker and VoxEdit products for creators,”

COO and co-founder Sebastien Borget highlighted that content creators are the priority, revealing that the day’s celebration showcased the metaverse’s creativity and a collaborative step forward for creators and the platform.

Solidifying its position in the Metaverse

The company is not stopping here; it plans to expand with nine new neighborhoods and over fifty new avatar collections in the coming year. They are also leveraging their platform to create unique experiences with top IPs and celebrities, offering creators the chance to be featured on IP LANDS, with crypto-friendly rock band Avenged Sevenfold kicking off the initiative.

There are over 30 themed contests planned for the year, fostering a blend of user-generated content and brand partnerships, culminating in a unique destination where “gaming meets culture.”

These developments are part of The Sandbox’s broader vision to bring the next generation of users into a decentralized metaverse that’s accessible to all. With a mobile version launching in 2024, the platform anticipates a significant rise in mass adoption rates.

For those inspired to create, The Sandbox offers resources on their Medium page, the Game Maker tool, and a newly updated Creators Portal.

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