The Sandbox reveals exciting LAND roadmap update for Q2 2023

The Sandbox reveals exciting LAND roadmap update for Q2 2023

The Sandbox unveils its Q2 2023 LAND Roadmap, introducing groundbreaking features and opportunities for creators within the Metaverse.

Innovations transforming the creator-audience interaction

The French company, The Sandbox, is dedicated to empowering its community and fostering innovation among creators. The updated LAND Roadmap for Q2 of 2023 presents captivating innovations set to revolutionize the creator-audience interaction in the Metaverse. 

Among the most exciting features is the “Self-publish” option, which allows landowners to launch their experiences directly to anyone on the map, without intermediaries. This feature simplifies the process for creators to showcase their work and engage with their audience more personally.

Enhanced gaming experience and monetization opportunities

The Sandbox team prioritizes enhancing the gaming experience, resulting in the introduction of a new Game Maker. This feature enables creators to develop innovative gaming mechanics and visual effects, allowing them to build more engaging gaming experiences and bring their ideas to fruition. 

The most anticipated development is scheduled for the end of Q4: a feature that empowers LAND owners to mint their assets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This functionality simplifies the monetization of their designs and provides an easy method for generating additional revenue, significantly benefiting creators in the Metaverse.

Improved map design and personalization for LAND owners

The updated LAND features include a new map design, faster search capabilities with various filters, and the ability to add logos to any LAND size. LAND owners can now personalize their LAND, even the 1×1 ones, with their own logos, with over 6,000 LANDS updated thus far. By the end of Q3, LAND owners will be able to launch their experiences directly to anyone on the map, initially available to all creators.

During Q2, a select group of allow-listed LAND owners will have the opportunity to publish their experiences on their LAND. Details on accessing the allow list will be announced soon. Additionally, the upcoming Marketplace will enable creators to share their creations, further expanding the possibilities within The Sandbox Metaverse and providing users with an even more immersive and personalized experience.

Extra rewards and exclusive NFTs for LAND owners

The Sandbox offers LAND owners the chance to earn extra rewards and claim exclusive NFTs. By participating in monthly special events and holding their LAND for over three months, LAND owners can obtain an exclusive NFT. 

As a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain, The Sandbox enables players to create, own, and monetize their gaming experiences. This growing Metaverse project has attracted considerable attention due to its innovative features and opportunities for creators, positioning itself as a force to be reckoned with in the virtual realm.

In conclusion, dear metaverse explorers, we must remain ever-vigilant in our virtual adventures. The Sandbox has recently issued a stern warning of the recent security breach, a reminder that even in the boundless digital realm, there are still cyber-ne’er-do-wells lurking in the shadows. So, let’s not bury our heads in the virtual sand! Remember to double-check those emails and secure your accounts, for as we journey through the metaverse, it’s better to face a thousand angry pixelated chickens than to fall prey to a single phishing scam.

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