The Sandbox celebrates its partnership with Dragon Ball and One Piece animators in NFT Giveaway

The Sandbox celebrates its partnership with Dragon Ball and One Piece animators in NFT Giveaway

Toei Animation, a highly acclaimed Japanese animation company, has formed a partnership with the prominent gaming metaverse, The Sandbox. To commemorate the collaboration, The Sandbox plans to offer exclusive NFTs to fans who participate in the metaverse experience with the animation company.

Goku and Luffy join The Sandbox

As part of their partnership with Toei Animation, The Sandbox will create novel experiences that draw from the animation studio’s intellectual properties within the metaverse. Moreover, the gaming metaverse plans to distribute a restricted number of NFTs to the first one thousand individuals who sign up for the experience following the partnership’s announcement.

The COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, has been a lifelong fan of Japanese animation, a genre that’s particularly popular among millennials and Generation Z.

Toei Animation – A staple in Japanese animation

Since its inception in 1948, Toei Animation has been a leading innovator in the Japanese animation industry, creating globally popular anime series such as Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Digimon, and One Piece. Collaborating with Minto and The Sandbox, the animation studio will create immersive experiences centered on its iconic characters.

In a recent press release, Satoshi Shinohara, the Managing Director of Toei Animation, expressed his enthusiasm for the studio’s move to the metaverse. Shinohara is thrilled to embark on this new journey and proud to collaborate with partners such as The Sandbox and Minto.

Although The Sandbox intends to collaborate with other intellectual property (IP) brands based in Japan using the partnership with Toei Animation, the metaverse has not yet disclosed any additional information regarding this plan.

Although The Sandbox has not yet decided on the type of NFT to give away, interested users can apply by submitting their email addresses through a dedicated website. In order to participate, all applicants must first complete KYC verification.

Anime in the metaverse

Partnering with Toei Animation presents a potential opportunity for The Sandbox to draw in fans of anime and tap into the web3 space. The success of Fortnite, which incorporated Dragon Ball Z and Naruto IP into the game, could serve as a promising example for The Sandbox.

The Sandbox has recently collaborated with two legendary manga series, Fist of the North Star and Captain Tsubasa, to develop web3 experiences, catering to the founder’s passion for Japanese art.

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