The Rocky Horror Show NFTs: A spooky 200 pieces surprise this Halloween

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The Rocky Horror Show NFTs: A spooky 200 pieces surprise this Halloween

Dive into the fantastical realm of “The Rocky Horror Show” this Halloween as Online Blockchain PLC unveils its exclusive NFT collection. With four distinctive drops throughout October and a special pre-sale, fans and collectors can secure a digital piece of this cult classic.

The Rocky Horror Show makes its digital debut

As Halloween approaches, themed collections centered around it are emerging, and this year is no exception. To mark the occasion, Online Blockchain PLC is transitioning the iconic cult classic, The Rocky Horror Show, into the digital domain.

The iconic characters from the musical show, which have captivated audiences worldwide, are about to be immortalized in an on-chain collection of 200 pieces.

The pre-sale for the collection begins on October 9th on Opensea, and the first 50 pieces will be available on October 13th, priced at 0.0075 ETH each. For those eager to get ahead, the pre-sale starts at 0.007 ETH. The entire collection will be released in four installments throughout the month, though specific dates are still under wraps.

According to the brand’s official channels, the first batch will be the most affordable, with subsequent drops seeing a price hike. To reserve one of these NFTs during the pre-sale, you’ll need to be on the whitelist, which you can apply for now on the brand’s page.

The Halloween Collection: The Rocky Horror NFTs
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Unlock a special NFT by collecting throughout the month

Each of the 200 NFTs will depict one of the nine primary characters from the film. Die-hard fans will instantly recognize characters like Frank-n-Furter, Riff Raff, Brad, and Janet. Moreover, each NFT boasts unique features, with varying Halloween motifs spotlighted in each of the four releases.

Devoted collectors who snag a piece from every drop will receive a treat by October 31st: they’ll qualify to obtain four complimentary Time Warp NFTs from the Genesis collection, which is already up for grabs. Online Blockchain PLC’s CEO, Clem Chambers, shared his inspiration behind this project:

“We aimed to offer something truly unique for Rocky Horror enthusiasts this Halloween, allowing them the chance to own a fragment of this iconic musical. By fusing the digital art realm with the vibrant world of The Rocky Horror Show, our ultimate goal is to craft an immersive experience that connects fans more deeply to this cultural masterpiece.”

A brief look at Online Blockchain PLC

For those new to the name steering this ambitious project, Online Blockchain PLC is a UK-based trailblazer specializing in avant-garde R&D in internet and information-driven technology.

Founded in the late 90’s, Online Blockchain PLC has fostered online games and introduced ADVFN, a premier global financial news platform for individual investors, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

With over twenty years of technical innovation, primarily in blockchain and AI, one of Online Blockchain PLC’s crowning achievements is the Umbria Network, a renowned cross-chain bridge for digital assets.

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