The launch of Rexxie, an official RelayX NFT collection

The launch of Rexxie, an official RelayX NFT collection

RelayX kicked off 2023 with the launch of Rexxie, a generative NFT collection of cute dinosaurs with random attributes. But what is the inspiration behind the project, and what are the benefits for holders?

RelayX and Rexxie

RelayX is a large company that offers its services in the digital asset market. The company started the year 2023 with the launch of a brand new NFT project called Rexxie, a collection of beautiful dinosaurs with standardized attributes. 

Rexxies are works of art with six different features: a background color, a base color (skin), a body, eyes, a mouth, and a head.  

In this first RelayXcollection, the NFT image is revealed upon purchase instead of waiting for the issuer to reveal all NFTs. Rexxies holders will be entitled to many benefits. The first positive impact of the creation of this NFT collection is the possibility to define avatars, colloquially called PFPs (profile pictures), on the platform.

Implementing a community utility project

RelayX has long thought about creating a dynamic ecosystem for its community. Indeed, Rexxie is a project that was created in 2021 by an anonymous founder. He worked with the tools at his disposal to offer a unique service to users.

In the process, 25 different original Rexxies were minted for the occasion. All holders are to receive eggs with each purchase. The eggs received were then hatched into baby Rexxies and flown to the egg holders. 

At the time, the original Rexxies were attached at a trivial cost of 0.03 BSV. Today, they sell for at least 33 times that value, or 15 BSV. With this price change, RelayX asked the creator to write the official drop of the Rexxies in order to optimize it as much as possible.

The Rexxies available on the market all have a utility character allowing owners to set up their avatar on the RelayX platform. This means that Rexxies owners can select their PFPs from curated collections (only those linked to a RelayX ticker).

While these features are not free, they do add value to the collections already published on the platform, including Gopniks, Pewnicorns, StickD00dz, and Psycho Parrots. As such, the brand recently highlighted the fact that Rexxie owners will be the first to benefit from the new features released throughout the year. In addition, on 22 January, a whole new dimension will be added to the project, including Club Relay. 

Impact of the collection so far

After the brand release, Rexxies started trading at 50% (BSV 0.33) as opposed to the initial price of BSV 0.222 on the secondary market. However, it should be noted that in order to access the Club Relay, community members will need to own a Rexxie, which adds even more utility.

Admittedly, a Rexxie array has not yet been released to authenticate these attributes directly, but given the vast and diverse traits, developers are encouraged to build third-party applications with Rexxies to make the ecosystem more dynamic.  

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