The flight log of Clinton and Epstein is now an OpenSea collection

The flight log of Clinton and Epstein is now an OpenSea collection

Many well-known people, including the late US President Bill Clinton, flew aboard the late Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, which was mockingly called the “Lolita Express” by several media outlets. The flight log of the express has now been made permanent on the blockchain through an NFT.

Clinton and Epstein’s flight record encoded in NFT 

Today, in keeping with the anti-establishment attitude of crypto and its proponents, Epstein’s flight record has been encoded in NFT format and made accessible for bidding on OpenSea.

The compilation is jokingly referred to as Lolita Travels. It is made up of 26 NFTs, each of which represents Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein’s flight. Additionally, each NFT is named after the actual flight date, resulting in an unprecedented method of historic preservation through NFT immutability on the blockchain.

This means it is now possible to bid on the inaugural Lolita Adventures NFT, Flight One-II.IX.MMII, through Feb 28. After that, until all 26 NFTs are up for auction, the remaining portion of the collection will be put up for auction at a rate of 1 NFT every 24 hours. founder Bogdan Luchian stated:

“Compared to what the majority of the industry has been doing, this is a far cooler way to accept NFTs. Hence, ViceHub can be a thriving environment for NFTs that is more enjoyable and relevant to people than what we see currently popular.”

The Lolita Adventures series harnesses the resurgent interest in NFTs to offer a fresh approach to revealing these digital assets in the crypto market. The idea debuts in the cryptocurrency market with a satirical twist by using one of the most talked-about events in popular culture as its starting point. It blends a meme-like strategy with a journalistic mindset to allow people to acquire, own, and trade an actual piece of history.

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