The Duchess of York Makes Web3 Inroad, Launches A Digital Art Gallery

The Duchess of York Makes Web3 Inroad, Launches A Digital Art Gallery

A new digital art gallery has been launched by Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. This was announced in a December 2 press release by Candy Studio, Nifty Gateway, and BLKPRL. The studio showcases art collections by the Duchess, known for her avid love for creative arts.

Collaborating with Royalty

The partnership between the companies and the Duchess will result in the exhibition of a digital collection curated by the Duchess, which comprises spoken word poetry in conjunction with animated paintings, Artificial Intelligence (AI) art, new media works, and special effects to create Cinematic Fine Art.

The project, known as “The Duchess Gallery”, has the objective of promoting a new form of artistic expression by telling the story behind the work.

The digital art gallery features works made by accomplished artists that have been collected by Sarah as well as those from upcoming artists. The gallery was put together through a collaborative effort with Nifty Gateway to showcase unique works by talented creators.

Bringing Classics to Life Using Technology

“As technology evolves, traditional aesthetics can find a new life in this contemporary viral world. I am delighted to work collaboratively with renowned artists, and as well highlight emerging artists worldwide to expand my passion for storytelling through art.” – Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. 

The gallery also seeks to reimagine classic arts to fit the contemporary by making use of new technologies and the opportunities they present. One such is the connection of visual arts and literature with motion picture fine art. The combination is expertly achieved without taking away from the traditional value of the works.

Helping To Project Creators from Poor Countries

Ferguson said that her intention is to collaborate with and feature artists from around the world, especially those from poor countries who would otherwise lack the means to showcase their works on the global stage. In his reaction to the digital gallery project, Griffin Cock Foster, the founder of Nifty Gateway, said:

“Seeing the Duchess of York enter the digital art space is incredible validation for the medium. We couldn’t be more excited to host this gorgeous, exciting collection from the Duchess of York on Nifty Gateway.” 

A statement from Nifty Gateway said that all works exhibited on the platform will be curated by Sarah Ferguson with inputs from BLKPRL Studios and Candy Studios. Randy Levy, the founder of BLKPRL Studios, said his company is excited to work with Ferguson on The Duchess Gallery.

Empowering Artists Using Technology

Brian Gold, the founder of Candy Studios, said that the Duchess of York is known to be passionate about empowering people. Brian said that the Duchess Gallery is a platform through which the duchess intends to showcase the work of established artists, while also helping project upcoming artistic talents. He further stated:

“The Duchess is an art aficionado, best selling author, and advocate, and it is exciting to combine art, technology and storytelling to create Cinematic Fine Art in this burgeoning digital art space.” 

An exhibition from the gallery that reimagined contemporary romantics is scheduled to be showcased at Art Basel 2022 and also during the Miami Art Week 2022. The work, entitled “Gateway To The Self”, is a novel innovation of the Romantic concept with poetic and visualized art. The audiovisual is the product of the efforts of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, David Cheifetz, Laurence Fuller, Jenni Pasanen, Mathijs, and Tania Rivilis. It is scheduled for launch on December 22 on Nifty Gateway.

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