The Blockchain event for the German capital

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The Blockchain event for the German capital

In the not-so-distant and foreseeable future blockchain technology will change our everyday lives – how? Best of Blockchain (BoB) invites you to answer this and more questions! 

The Conference

BoB is a conference “from fans for fans” that will premiere at STATION, Berlin from October 5-7, 2023, and invites exhibitors, speakers, and private individuals for active exchange. With a particular emphasis on blockchain technology, the conference offers a 3-day mixed-themed and curated event around Web3, NFT, DeFi, Metaverse and DLT. As an integral part of BoB, the Berlin Bitcoin Space will also celebrate its premiere. With the first Bitcoin Only Conference in Berlin, we are dedicating particular attention to the topic of Bitcoin.

The event is open on 2 days to business- and one additional day to the public audience. On an area of approx. 6000 sqm the conference offers ample options for keynotes, panel discussions, practical formats, and numerous network opportunities.

We are all BoB

Besides a strong concentration on community exchange, the conference puts a strong emphasis on education to open blockchain as a subject to a broad public. To provide full and integrated coverage over stakeholder groups, the conference collaborates with the local/public municipality as well as a complementary set of parties involved, from bloggers/influencers across industries up to the protocol developer.

The initiative is planned and executed by an experienced, multi-disciplinary team from the event, marketing, and technology sector who collectively draw from decades of professional experience of successful track records. Furthermore, the founding team is well connected and affiliated to “Bitman” the activist who recently came to prominence for shining the Bitcoin logo on famous buildings, especially the berlin tv tower.

Destination Berlin

As the capital and desired travel destination Berlin serves as an established backdrop for events of all shapes and forms, from small local in-door events to large-scale conferences.

A local strength of Berlin is its rich startup ecosystem of crypto-focused companies that sets the foundation as a gathering point for the industry. With STATION the BoB team chooses an event location near Potsdamer Platz that comes in the shape of a protected former train station. The resulting atmosphere creates a unique contrast between vintage historical venues and cutting-edge innovative technologies.

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