Tezos Prepares NFT Exhibition at the Art Basel Miami Beach Show

Tezos Prepares NFT Exhibition at the Art Basel Miami Beach Show

According to a recent post, Tezos has announced an NFT exhibition that will take place at the Art Basel Miami Beach show on November 22nd. The exhibition will be conducted in partnership with fxhash, a generative art platform. The set is said to offer attendees a never seen experience anywhere.

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At the Art Basel Miami Beach show, Tezos will present a distinctive immersive NFT exhibition. The encounter, titled Humans + Machines: NFTs and the Ever-Evolving World of Art, will examine cutting-edge art, technology, and culture and invite visitors to generate and mint their NFTs on-site.

Given the popularity of generative art, the theme will be a major focus of this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach exhibition, titled “Performance in Code: Deciphering Value in Generative Art.” Powered by Tezos’ high-performance blockchain, the interactive exhibition will be displayed in collaboration with the generative art platform fxhash.

The exhibition will culminate into a unique experience by inviting attendees to engage and generate a one-of-a-kind NFT takeaway that will be minted on the Tezos blockchain. The gallery will display a selection of works by some of the world’s top generative and NFT artists, including Iskra Velitchkova, Matt DesLauriers, Helena Sarin, and Sutu (Stuart Campbell), among others. 

The event will come to a close with a one-of-a-kind experience created by German artist Mario Klingemann, inviting visitors to participate and collaboratively create an original NFT souvenir that will be issued on the Tezos blockchain. By physically interacting with the environment, the NFT will be made, and Klingemann’s code will produce an abstract self-portrait work of art.

One of the goals of the exhibition is to increase consciousness of the concept of motivational art and NFTs, two fields that are constantly evolving. The idea of human-machine collaborative efforts emphasizes the significance of creativity and what it signifies to take an active part in art production.

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Tezos is a blockchain network that hosts the digital token Tez (XTZ), also recognized as tezzie. Tezos, like other cryptocurrency blockchains, enables user involvement in projects such as decentralized finance (DeFi), decentralized applications (dApps), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Just recently, Manchester United, one of the largest soccer clubs in England, minted its first NFT collection using Tezos.

One of the founders of artificial intelligence art, neural networks, and machine learning is Klingemann, also known as Quasimondo. An artist who develops and studies systems using algorithms and artificial intelligence is especially interested in how people perceive art and creativity. He studies ways that machines can support or imitate these processes.

His works have been displayed at places like The Photographers’ Gallery, KM Karlsruhe, Centre Pompidou, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The first autonomous AI machine to be successfully auctioned at Sotheby’s occurred in March 2019, thanks to his installation Memories of Passersby I, which is particularly noteworthy. Klingeman stated:

“It’s an honor to be part of the Tezos NFT experience at Art Basel in Miami Beach. This interactive exhibition examines the interplay of technology and human creativity and where the lines bleed between humans and machines as part of the generative art process. While the machine may create the body of work, a self-portrait is a deeply human thing, so I hope this probe questions human nature and perception and all that expresses itself with automated systems.”

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