Supremacy Games partners with Citroën and DS to develop virtual cars for its NFT racing game

Supremacy Games partners with Citroën and DS to develop virtual cars for its NFT racing game

Recently, Apex Kings NFT Racing announced their partnership with French Automakers Citroën and DS Automobiles. 

Supremacy Games

Supremacy Games, the developers of web3 game Apex King, announced the partnership on their blog.

The brands will introduce some of their most outstanding vehicles into the virtual racetrack. The partnership will allow players to collect and use digital collectibles of these iconic vehicles from both Citroën and DS Automobiles.

In addition to collecting, trading, and earning rewards from these virtual cars, players can also build virtual garages as they wish.

About the partners 

Apex Kings combines its expertise in NFTs, crypto, mobile gaming, and internet protocols to develop phenomenal mobile and personal computer games.

Developed by Supremacy games, Apex Kings is a racing car game with a strong emphasis on car collecting. The game allows gamers to collect cars as non-fungible tokens and race them against real people and other players.

The players can pick their favorite car models, color, editions, and specifications as available in the market. All the cars owned by Apex Kings players are guaranteed value and meaning and are backed by real brands such as Citroën and DS. 

Citroën is a French automaker producing a wide range of vehicles, from small-town cars to vans and family cars, since 1919. DS, on the other hand, is a luxury car brand previously owned by Citroën but became a standalone brand in 2015.

Perks of the partnership

The partnership with Citroën and DS brands will make models such as the Citroën C3 WRC car, the 2017 world rally challenger, and DS E-Tense Performance, the extraordinary DS E-Tense concept, open to the players.

Other significant productions of the two companies joining the collectibles cohort are DS Pallas Rally Prototype and GT by Citroën concept car. These pieces are known and highly sought after in the virtual value world due to their unique designs, powerful performance, and advanced technology. These features make them a perfect match for a fast-paced and ultramodern blockchain gaming platform such as Apex Kings.

Supremacy Games chief, Jari Pauna, said that the partnership signifies the exciting and high-quality gameplay that Apex Kings NFT Racing players should expect from the new game. 

The partnership aims to give a real-world connection between the gamers and the game while also providing car-related information to the users. The NFTs available for the Apex King game are equal to the number of cars of the same model that the manufacturers will release into the market.

Supremacy Games giveaways

Also, the company is hosting limited giveaways offering their players a chance to claim their first limited edition Apex Kings Citroën car NFT for free. The giveaways included non-fungible tokens of vehicles from all the car brands in the partnership. The first giveaway for Saleen S7 was closed on 23 Jan 2023, but the winner was not announced publicly. 

The second giveaway for Citroën XM was opened on 24 Jan 2023, and this was a special giveaway since everyone who enters is guaranteed to win. The giveaway will be closed on 26 Jan 2023, and the winners will be contacted privately.

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