Superchief’s ambitious quest to connect 50 NFT galleries across the world

Superchief’s ambitious quest to connect 50 NFT galleries across the world

The digital revolution transcends the virtual plane as Superchief Gallery’s founder seeks to mesh the tangible and intangible in a groundbreaking initiative – a global network of 50 physical NFT galleries.

Emerging from the heart of Manhattan since its inception in March 2021, the Superchief Gallery, founded by the visionary Edward Zipco, is pushing the envelope for NFTs and digital art.

Revealed during the EthCC event in Paris this past July, Zipco’s master plan consists of creating a connected tapestry of 50 NFT galleries sprawled across the globe. IHAM Gallery in Paris will be the first European NFT gallery to display Superchief’s “Cyberpunk” collection proudly.

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A digital odyssey that crosses the globe on a multi-country exhibition of digital art

This endeavor isn’t restricted to just Paris. NFT Factory in the City of Lights, Unpaired Gallery in Switzerland, Knox Gallery in Japan, Uncommon Gallery in Korea, OX Society in Canada, and the Oshi Gallery in Australia all comprise the vast network of NFT art galleries & digital art galleries, keen to joint this worldwide quest.

Each gallery, a gem in its own right, will soon be interlinked through simultaneous global exhibits. This will be made possible due to the inherent nature of digital art – not bound by location or dimension – and to Superchief’s ambitious plan.

“The global resonance of the NFT movement will be witnessed through the cross-pollination of creativity and ideas among these galleries. It’s about transcending boundaries and knitting diverse artist communities together,” – Zipco shared

Galleries’ art directors are keen on this initiative

Unsurprisingly, Grida – IHAM Gallery’s Art Director – known for being a pioneer on the showcase of digital art and its borderless nature, is in harmony with this vision. Her dream? To have her artwork simultaneously adorn the walls of various galleries worldwide. “Digital art isn’t constrained. My participation in the Sisters Gallery project was a given, a realization of a longstanding aspiration,” Grida remarked to Decrypt.

But this isn’t a mere tech-infused gimmick. For trailblazers like Grida and Zipco, physical NFT exhibitions are the bedrock for nurturing a burgeoning community of digital art aficionados. Zipco passionately elaborates:

“Witnessing art first-hand, regardless of scale, etches a deep imprint on the observer. It elevates their experience beyond the mundane digital scroll, fostering a tangible bond between the artist and the beholder. This paves the way for richer NFT discourse.”

NFTs are more than just pixels

While often termed “NFT artists,” these creators transcend the digital tag associated with them. At heart, they are pure artists, and endeavors like these underscore that very essence. The benefit is twofold. It doesn’t just deepen the bond between the artist and their admirers but also offers a nurturing environment for artists to network, collaborate, and gain acknowledgment. Being termed an “NFT artist” is another facet of their vast skill set.

The recent endeavor is yet another use case created by digital artists to expand their art reach and awareness. Beeple himself already created an art gallery to showcase a wide variety of immersive NFTs.

Zipco’s & Superchief’s grand ambition delves deeper than a mere amalgamation of tangible and virtual realms. Through this global journey, he aspires to illuminate the boundless scope of NFTs, free from any geographic constraints.

The mission is to usher in creators, connoisseurs, and art lovers from diverse landscapes, uniting them under an expansive digital umbrella and celebrating art’s modern-day evolution in its most vivid avatar.

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