Twitch streamer Reynad27 facing $5M lawsuit over failed NFT game

Twitch streamer Reynad27 facing $5M lawsuit over failed NFT game

Andrey Yanyuk, known as Reynad27, is embroiled in a legal battle over an NFT game. The popular Twitch streamer and competitive gamer from Ukraine, now based in the United States, faces a lawsuit with potential damages up to $5 million.

Unreleased ‘Bazaar’ NFT game

Former investigator and content creator Henry Resilient brought this to light. He reported on the lawsuit, piquing public interest. Court records reveal that Reynad27‘s company, AVY Entertainment, received $5 million from WarpSeed. This investment was for releasing their NFT-based game, “The Bazaar”, by May 2022. However, they failed to deliver.

According to court documents obtained by Henry Resilient, AVY and Reynad27 allegedly breached their promises. WarpSeed, the plaintiff, claims reliance on these misrepresentations for its investment.

The legal document accuses AVY of redirecting funds into cryptocurrencies. This diversion was instead of allocating them towards the game’s development. The game was initially promised to friends and families by May 2022 and globally by July of the same year.

Sparking online debate

The situation has attracted significant attention online. On the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, the news triggered over a hundred comments. Fans expressed their views, ranging from disappointment to speculation about the streamer’s actions. One of the top-voted comments reads:

“The story of Reynad is a true marvel. He could have streamed and made millions, but he decided to try to design a shitty card game and go completely broke.”

Allegations against Reynad27 also include false representation of his company’s valuation. He reportedly claimed a valuation of $200 million, influencing WarpSeed’s investment decision.

Reynad27 has yet to come forward

Currently, Reynad27 has not publicly addressed these allegations or the ongoing dispute. This silence has only fueled more discussions and speculations in the online community. The gaming and Twitch communities keenly await further developments as the lawsuit unfolds.

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