Steve Aoki new HiROQUEST 2 brings digital hype to music

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Steve Aoki new HiROQUEST 2 brings digital hype to music

Steve Aoki, the international music sensation, has unveiled his latest creation, HiROQUEST 2: Double Helix. This project transcends conventional music albums, offering a unique collector’s experience that blends music with graphic novels and trading cards. The launch of the HiROQUEST Collectors Edition is scheduled for November 21.

HiROQUEST 2: Blend music & collectibles

The collector’s edition of HiROQUEST 2: Double Helix, a coveted package, includes a CD of the new album, the official HiROQUEST GRAPHIC NOVEL, and four rare trading cards from a special 12-card set. This combination of music and visual artistry offers fans more than just auditory pleasure – it’s an entire world to immerse themselves in.

Album’s journey

The journey of HiROQUEST began at Collect-A-Con in Houston on November 4th, where fans got their first taste of this immersive universe. Attendees experienced the HiROQUEST journey, collected exclusive digital promo cards, and had the opportunity to meet the artist himself, Steve Aoki. His performance and signing session were the highlights, creating an electrifying atmosphere at the event.

On November 19, the HiROQUEST 2 Album Experience in Los Angeles took this excitement to new heights. The event featured the complete HiROQUEST universe, including digital cards and interactive activities. Dedicated cosplayers and the chance to win a sixth card and meet Aoki added to the event’s allure.

Hiroquest 2 album cover
Steve Aoki new Album Cover (Source:

Kolex: The technology behind HiROQUEST

Key to HiROQUEST 2’s success is Kolex’s cutting-edge technology, which seamlessly merges the realms of physical and digital collectibles. This platform allows collectors to manage and trade their unique collections. Each Kolex card is individually numbered and scannable, revealing a digital twin that adds layers of transparency and convenience for collectors.

Steve Aoki’s enthusiasm for the project is palpable. He envisioned HiROQUEST as more than just a trading card game (TCG) – but as a cultural experience. Indeed, HiROQUEST 2: Double Helix is a revolutionary mix of music, art, and technology, setting new standards for collectors and fans around the world.

“HiROQUEST started as a dream for its own TCG. Kolex was essential to make it real. Their tech is unparalleled. Together, we’re transforming collecting”

Steve Aoki

Redefining the collector’s experience

HiROQUEST 2: Double Helix is more than an album; it’s a revolution in the music and collectibles industry. This unique blend of creative elements is a testament to Steve Aoki’s innovative spirit and his commitment to offering fans an unparalleled experience. As the lines between music, art, and technology continue to Blur, HiROQUEST 2 stands out as a beacon of innovation, redefining what it means to be a collector in the modern era.

The new project, with its innovative integration of various creative elements, invites fans into a new realm where music meets the exciting world of NFTs and collectibles.

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