Steve Aoki marks A0K1VERSE anniversary with exclusive NFT rewards 

Steve Aoki marks A0K1VERSE anniversary with exclusive NFT rewards 

Steve Aoki, a 2x Grammy nominee, EDM producer, and NFT collector, is marking the A0K1VERSE anniversary with a fantastic new rewards program. He is now one of the many artists who are taking advantage of Web3 and the NFT industry.

A0K1VERSE passport holders to receive free show tickets 

The A0K1VERSE season two offers enticing new incentives to its devoted NFT fan base. All passport holders will receive complimentary tickets to Steve Aoki’s concerts in the latest announcement. Moreover, current AV passport owners will receive artwork from the Aoki and Reuko collab. 

All Infrared owners will receive one complimentary free ticket per concert, up to 4 shows per year. In addition, they will enjoy massive discounts on Dim Mak wearables and access to Web3 experiences and IRL experiences. 

Electric Green holders will receive complimentary tickets to two of Steve Aoki’s four annual performances. The passport holders will also have access to premium, exclusive A0K1VERSE branded merchandise. 

Neon Blue holders will receive three complimentary tickets to a Steve Aoki live performance, eight performances annually. On top of this, the passport holders will have one free mint with access to all of Steve Aoki’s NFT project’s presales.

Ultraviolet holders will receive four complimentary tickets to unlimited live performances by Steve Aoki. They will also have a chance to attend a meet and greet, including getting caked by Steve Aoki during a live concert. 

Phantom passport holders will enjoy an exclusive tour of Steve Aoki’s Playhouse. Moreover, they will have access to the DJ booth, stage, and live performances. 

Prizm passport holders will have access to Steve Aoki’s dressing during his live concerts. Also, these users will enjoy personalized, carefully curated experiences with the EDM musician. 

Steve Aoki has more for the NFT enthusiasts 

Prospective new A0K1VERSE fans can sample the event during a public auction for 0.02 ETH. There will be a burn mechanism included with these NFTs. 

With each new season of incentives, current A0K1VERSE members will begin paying a small renewal fee per Passport in late March. This subscription approach guarantees the project’s survival for a tiny fraction of the cost of the Passport itself. Now, Steve is among a growing number of artists who are adopting NFTs to give their fans digital experiences.

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