Steve Aoki develops NFT Juke Box for the Metaverse

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Steve Aoki develops NFT Juke Box for the Metaverse

Relics and Steve Aoki have collaborated to develop a virtual music player based on NFT technology, enabling music aficionados to relish their preferred tracks in virtual environments.

Compatible with Decentraland and other metaverses

The Idol III is a completely digital music player, specifically intended for usage in metaverse platforms, and will include a one-of-a-kind blend from Aoki’s Dim Mak record label, mixed and mastered by Aoki himself. The jukebox will be compatible with Decentraland and other platforms and exclusively accessible to collectors who own a variety of other music NFTs.

A trip back in time

According to Jordan Kallman, the General Manager of Relics, the concept behind Idol III was influenced by the jukebox culture that emerged in 1950s diners, which fostered social environments.

With user experience in virtual realms in mind, the music player has been fashioned to combine both aesthetic and functional aspects. The Idol III also works seamlessly with any compatible music NFTs from the user’s wallet, ensuring uninterrupted music streaming and an immersive social experience.

According to Kallman, the Idol III offers artists a chance to reach a wider audience by utilizing the native metaverse music player. To ensure that all compatible music NFTs are appropriately licensed for virtual realm usage, the startup collaborated with independent electronic music label Monstercat.

Additionally, Relics is in the process of creating a software development kit that will allow metaverse creators to integrate Idol III compatibility into their virtual worlds effortlessly.

Yet another web3 music project by Steve Aoki

Aoki was chosen to create Idol III due to his status as an artist and innovator. He has an impressive track record as a Web3 developer and NFT collector, with ventures like the A0k1verse NFT membership club and the Punx DJ duo. Aoki has also introduced themed “Sky Pod” environments for his NFT owners on the Oncyber metaverse platform, and his statements indicate that these locations inspired the design of this virtual jukebox.

This latest venture, Idol III, presents music aficionados and creators with an opportunity to encounter music in an entirely new light, and Aoki believes it has enormous potential for the future of the metaverse and web3 music.

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