Steve Aoki and Seth Green invite NFT holders to shape replicant x

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Steve Aoki and Seth Green invite NFT holders to shape replicant x

The two A-listed celebrities have revealed a partnership with Pplpleasr’s platform Shibuya in their next web3 video, providing NFT holders a chance to participate in its creation, scene-by-scene.

Replicant x set to give NFT holders more priority and creative control 

Aoki and Green aim to push the imaginable boundaries of web3 storytelling by giving more priority to NFT holders’ input and creativity in Replicant x. The partnership will see a collaboration between their Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and the web3 creator platform Shibuya in developing the film.

The two seek to develop the next-level quality shot-stop films after a successful run of the dominion x, launched in August 2021. Dominion x sold out in just seven seconds, prompting Aoki and Green to accelerate toward higher grounds. To achieve that, they chose Shibuya since it has also been setting new heights in short anime production.

Therefore, the film will encompass the next chapter of the dominion x narrative. The project will allow fans to influence the storyline directly. It will combine features of a choose-your-own-adventure game with some “Mad Libs” improvised elements which will contribute to the uniqueness of the replicant x experience.

How to participate in the development of replicant x

To be a part of this unique adventure, holders of the replica x NFTs will be required to stake their NFTs in By doing this, they will garner voting rights to determine the direction of the dominion x storyline. With that, Dominion x: Level 2 will become the first film co-directed by the NFT community.

Additionally, the participants will be awarded for their contributions at the end of the six-week production period. The voters will each be rewarded with a memorial NFT of varying rarity. The rarity will depend on the level of contribution of the participant.

Seth Green has expressed excitement about involving the NFT community in directing the film. The co-founder of Stoopid Buddy amicably said that as creators, he and Steve Aoki are thrilled to have tools enabling them to incorporate their fans into the creative content creation process.

Furthermore, he has explained that replicant x has been designed to maximize fan input into the dominion x narrative. On a more critical level, it would create comedy sequences with creativity way above what the two would have ever fathomed.

The CEO of Shibuya, Emily Yang, also expressed excitement about the project development due to its ability to integrate fans. She added that Shibuya had provided essential tools to help bridge the gap between content creators and their fan communities, citing replicant x as a great example.

Steve Aoki also shared that since the debut of his NFT collection, character x has been his web3 ambassador. He reminisced that character x journey in web3 mirrored his own in many ways. He was very excited to work alongside Seth Green and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios in the evolution of character x into replicant x with their fans by their side. 

The ambitious project aims to begin an evolutionary and integrative journey in web3 storytelling.

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