STEPN integrates Apple Pay to promote security and web3 adoption

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STEPN integrates Apple Pay to promote security and web3 adoption

STEPN, a web3 move-to-earn application, has become the first blockchain gaming app to secure integration with Apple Pay. 

STEPN integrates Apple Pay

Apple Pay will now be accessible to STEPN users, whereby they can safely buy STEPN products and upgrades in-app. Users only need to add their bank card to their Apple Wallet; hence they no longer have to use a crypto wallet for transactions. Apple Pay streamlines the transaction process and eases onboarding even of new customers. 

The integration also allows the platform to update the STEPN marketplace on iOS. In addition, it will implement the Badges and Achievement system for iOS users, making it available to all their users.

Co-founder of Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), Yawn Rong, noted that the integration opens the platform up for a whole new audience making web3 more accessible to the population. Further, he said that the step bridges the technology to the masses hence confidence that they are going from thousands of daily active users to millions. 

Jerry Huang, Co-Founder of Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), also had the same positive view whereby the Apple Pay integration enhances the user journey. In addition, he said the move would foster web3 space maturity that needs to go mainstream. Huang also associates much of the company’s success with the release of remarkable products that streamline the user onboarding process. 

STEPN is making moves to attract more users

The STEPN integration on Apple Pay is among the latest cross-industry partnerships involving the brand. STEPN is expanding and looking for ways to bring about sustainability and provide community rewards. 

Meanwhile, STEPN has been partnering with high-profile brands over the last months. Atlético de Madrid and WhaleFin partnered with STEPN to launch the Genesis NFT sneakers. The collection featured 1,001 soccer boots stratified across Common, Uncommon, and Rare. 

The firm also partnered with ASICS and Solana Pay in 2022 to launch physical running shoes. The sneakers then became available globally using USDC on Solana Pay.

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