Starbucks releases its first premium NFT collection, each priced at $100 

Starbucks releases its first premium NFT collection, each priced at $100 

On the 9th of March at 3 p.m. ET, the Starbucks Odyssey program dropped its first-ever premium NFT collectibles labeled ‘Siren Collection,’ with each NFT being sold at $100. The collection consisted of 2000 items, each unique and all having unique perks owners can enjoy. 

Starbucks’ new premium NFT collection 

The limited edition Non-Fungible Token collection by Starbucks Odyessy, Siren Collection, was recently dropped and sold out in 18 minutes. At some point, the frenzy caused a momentary lag in the platform’s website.

The collection consisted of 2000 items, each being sold at $100. However, its price surged to $600 floor price for the collection in the secondary market, with prices up to $1000. Moreover, Stamp purchases could be made by MetaMask digital wallet. 

The Stamps add 1500 bonus points to owners, which levels up their Starbucks Odyssey experience for this year. They expire on 31st December 2023. Its brand logo is ‘super mermaid,’ and the Siren Collection  NFT is the first paid Starbucks collection. 

Starbucks releases its first premium NFT collection, each priced at $100  - 1
Starbucks Odyssey NFT: The Siren Collection

The Holiday Cheers Edition 1 stamp was released in December last year after a lucrative, successful trial run of free giveaways, Starbucks offered its select customers an array of NFT rewards that cost less than a few cups of coffee. The highest purchase was $1900, and the giveaway generated $200,000 in secondary sales. 

Starbucks has done four recent free giveaways, rewarding users for participating in in-app challenges. The company now has a premium NFT collection that aims at being a revolutionary experience in Web3. The new paid collection will have exclusive features allowing users to tap into a wide pool of benefits, including access to exclusive events and digital content. 

Starbucks Odyssey NFT

Starbucks Odyssey is a Starbucks NFT rewards program built on Ethereum’s layer 2 network, Polygon. After its beta launch last year, users described the experience as a next-generation evolution. 

The prior NFT rewards offered by Starbucks Odyssey were from completing certain challenges or simply purchasing coffee, food, or other drinks using Starbucks gift cards. Among the other benefits of the new premium collection are potential trips to Starbucks coffee farms, like Costa Rica.

NFTs have proven to be lucrative investments amid their unique features of providing utility and scalability. Starbucks tapping into both traits aims at presenting satisfactory user experience from purchasing their products and services, with Starbucks Odyessy NFT being sold at $2000.

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