Starbucks set to drop a fresh collection: unveiling the ‘Green Apron’ NFTs

Starbucks set to drop a fresh collection: unveiling the ‘Green Apron’ NFTs

Starbucks, the coffee powerhouse, is getting ready to launch yet another NFT collection. ‘Green Apron”, the latest chapter in the brand’s already extensive digital portfolio, drops on August 1st and celebrates Starbucks’s history.

Brewing up digital aprons

The collection will capture Starbucks’ iconic apron by tracing the evolution from the OG Pike Place all the way to today’s Siren apron, while also honoring the generations of employees who have worn them over the last 50 years and turned Starbucks into the giant it is now.

From the 1st of August, 2023, “Green Apron” will become available on Nifty Gateway. Starbucks’ Odyssey program members get the privilege of early bird access from 4 PM UTC, while the rest of the caffeine aficionados can start their NFT exploration from 7 PM UTC. The exclusive collection, with a limited run of 5,000 Stamps, each crafted on the Polygon Blockchain, will be up for grabs at a solid $100 per NFT.

As if this fresh initiative wasn’t tantalizing enough, Starbucks has planned a surprise for August 3, 2023. On this day, the company will unveil the visually enticing NFT designs steeped in the brand’s rich heritage.

Stitching soul into the Starbucks story

The Green Apron, the emblematic centerpiece of every Starbucks experience, symbolizes the soul of the brand. Its wearers, past and present, are celebrated for embodying the spirit of Starbucks.

Each iteration of the apron, from the Pike Place original to today’s Siren design, documents steps in the brand’s evolution. The “Green Apron” NFT collection aims to capture this process, celebrating over half a century of dedication from the baristas.

Starbucks’ Web3 Journey

The launch of “Green Apron” marks Starbucks’ fifth voyage into the Web3 space under its Starbucks Odyssey program. Each NFT drop in the series encapsulates a unique element that reflects the essence of the brand.

The coffee behemoth’s previous forays into NFTs were met with resounding success. “The Siren Collection“, boasting the brand’s signature siren emblem, sold out within a staggering 20 minutes. “The First Store” drop, a nostalgic nod to the opening of the first Starbucks store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market in 1971, further solidified Starbucks’ strong foothold in the NFT space.

The “Green Apron” collection will be minted on Polygon, the ‘layer two’ scaling solution running alongside the Ethereum blockchain. The collection is a potent blend of brand history and digital innovation. As the company continues to enhance its digital narrative through such engaging initiatives, it’s clear that Starbucks isn’t just about brewing coffee – it’s also about brewing digital revolution.

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