Starbucks announces NFT airdrop for Odyssey rewards program members

Starbucks announces NFT airdrop for Odyssey rewards program members

Starbucks has organized an NFT airdrop exclusively open to participants in its Odyssey rewards program. 

Starbucks targets US citizens with NFT airdrop for Odyssey rewards program

A well-known coffee company Starbucks is preparing an NFT airdrop for members of its Odyssey rewards program as part of its foray into Web3. Starbucks disclosed that participants must fulfill particular requirements to be eligible for a highly sought-after “limited-edition stamp” from the corporation in an email obtained by Blockworks.

According to the report, only US citizens are eligible for the airdrop. Participants must subscribe to Starbucks Rewards and register on the waitlisted Web3 rewards program, Starbucks Odyssey. The program was first made available to a small group of people in September 2022, when it was still in development.

A participant must first be an Odyssey member, have completed two “journeys,” and possess at least one limited-edition NFT stamp. Users can complete journeys, which are tasks to get stamps with bonus points. In December, a former Starbucks executive told Blockworks that going to a different Starbucks location or attempting a new drink were two examples of journeys. 

Starbucks sets requirements for Odyssey airdrop

Users will be eligible for the airdrop if they complete all of these requirements by the company’s deadline, per the rules of the Starbucks Odyssey airdrop.

Starbucks has continued to express interest in the digital ownership space. The “First Store” NFTs were published last month, and many of the collectibles in the set feature the original, much more modest Starbucks establishment, which opened in downtown Seattle back in 1971.

The first store collection generated the most NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway sales volume in the last 24 hours. Blockworks have contacted Starbucks about the forthcoming airdrop.

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