Star Trek’s next mission? Digital collectibles

Star Trek’s next mission? Digital collectibles

Boldly going where few franchises have gone before, CBS Studios has embarked on a new voyage. Meet “Star Trek Continuum”: a collection of digital crypto collectibles that will soon be at the fingertips of fans. The intergalactic franchise achieved official registration on the 8th of August. Let’s take a closer look.

NFTs, starships, and you

Fancy a personalized starship from Star Trek’s universe? Now’s your chance. CBS’s “Star Trek Continuum” line allows fans to tweak their favorite vessels. Customization? Check. Engagement? Double-check. Science fiction that melts your brain? Absolutely.

A voyage through uncharted legalities

It wasn’t a smooth warp jump into the crypto world. CBS had to pilot through intricate U.S. trademark laws. The task was complex but far from impossible. And with Captain Kirk himself—William Shatner—lending his support, the mission was bound to succeed.

Not alone in the final frontier

And CBS isn’t exploring this frontier solo. Others—like Disney and Amazon—are charting similar courses. They’re entering the NFT space, looking for potential, forging new connections between traditional entertainment and decentralized digital realms.

The original Captain Kirk isn’t just a figurehead here. Shatner’s ongoing involvement in both Star Trek and cryptocurrency communities offers a unique blend of past and future. Speaking at crypto conferences, he’s an active figure, bridging two once-disparate worlds.

Star Trek continuum – A new era, an old friend

An old friend is venturing into a new era. The “Star Trek Continuum” is something fresh yet familiar. It’s about innovation and nostalgia, customization and connection, engaging old fans and capturing new ones. 

It’s a reminder that even in a rapidly evolving world, some things—like our love for space tv shows—remain a constant. CBS’s decision is a thoughtful, unexpected step, joining traditional narrative with modern tech, preserving what we love while embracing what’s to come.

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