Staking Summit 2023: Uniting the $92.73B industry

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Staking Summit 2023: Uniting the $92.73B industry

Lisbon, Sep. 5, 2023: The Staking Summit is back, and it’s bigger and more impactful than ever this year. It serves as the central meeting point for the growing $92.73 billion staking industry, bringing together validators, venture capitalists, investors, PoS protocol creators, data experts, and liquid staking innovators all under one roof.

Set for Nov. 10 to 11, 2023, between Binance Blockchain Week and Devconnect in Istanbul, the Staking Summit is for those keen on the staking industry.

Staking Rewards is dedicated to ensuring staking is safe and available to all. This commitment extends to the Staking Summit, a vital gathering for PoS participants shaping the future of staking as crypto aims to reach more users.

The agenda covers various topics, including validator best practices, governance strategies, blockchain architecture, DVT intricacies, enhancing staking security, data, innovations in staking products, and staking tools.

These thought leaders are guiding the discussion:

Check out the full lineup of speakers here.

Mirko Schmiedl, the CEO of Staking Rewards, highlighted the crucial role of collaboration in this industry, saying:

“Staking has staked its claim in the blockchain arena, but we believe its true potential lies in the power of collaboration. The Staking Summit is where diverse minds converge to pave the way forward.”

With only 200 seats remaining, this event is in high demand, pointing to strong interest in gaining insights and networking amongst staking enthusiasts. 

Leading proof-of-stake networks like Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Aptos, Sui, Polkadot, Avalanche, and others are expected to participate.

Attendees can look forward to keynotes, panels, and specialized group workshops. 

Furthermore, holders of Gold and Platinum tickets will enjoy exclusive access to the after-party.

The Staking Summit is sponsored by leading industry names such as ObolChainproofTenderizeLuganodesLidoservers.comSwing.xyzRockawayXDivaCryptoStake.comDAIC CapitalMeta PoolTres Financessv.networkPufferAttestantBifrostStaking FacilitiesAnkrDavosSafeStakeValidation CloudNexus MutualCubistVault StakingIon Protocol and Cherry Servers.

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