Square Enix, the makers of Final Fantasy, forms collaboration with Elixir

Square Enix, the makers of Final Fantasy, forms collaboration with Elixir

Japanese video game giant Square Enix has announced a collaboration with PC gaming platform Elixir to propel the growth of Web3 gaming.

A giant leap forward for Elixir

By partnering with Square Enix, Elixir aims to converge the previously separated realms of Web2 and Web3 gaming. The company provides both conventional and Web3 games on its platform and recently incorporated the Epic Games Store library into its system.

According to Hidaki Uehera, Square Enix’s Director of Business Development, teaming up with Elixir Games signifies another significant stride for Square Enix to investigate the potential of decentralized gaming.

Although specifics regarding how Elixir and Square Enix will collaborate are yet to be disclosed, Elixir’s CEO, Carlos Roldan, is convinced that it will accelerate the adoption of Web3 games among the masses. Roldan expressed that this partnership will bring Web3 gaming closer to mainstream adoption, and mentioned that his team is thrilled to put their technology to work and see gamers playing both Web2 and Web3 games without any differentiation.

What does Elixir offer?

Elixir has broadened its offerings on its launcher by incorporating various Web3 games. Its catalog includes countless games, including MMORPG World Eternal Online, distinctive card battlers such as Raini: Lords of Light and Elemental Raiders, and RPGs like Chronos and Bornless. These games are available on different blockchains, such as Solana, BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon.

According to Roldan, the collaboration with Square Enix has arrived at a time when several notable players are venturing into web3 gaming with new ideas and ambitious projects.

Square Enix continues web3 gaming expansion

At the beginning of 2022, Yosuke Matsuda, the President of Square Enix, stated that crypto game economies are a cutting-edge technology that will have a lasting impact. Previously, Matsuda had remarked that Square Enix considered 2021 to be the inaugural year for NFTs. Later in 2022, and to the dismay of several gamers, Square Enix unveiled its first Web3 game, Symbiogenesis.

Despite the looming controversy surrounding almost every web3 initiative from Square Enix, including the recent reveal of a Final Fantasy VII NFT card collection, the company is not deterred by naysayers and is funneling more and more resources into blockchain gaming.

This latest collaboration with Elixir will help introduce Web3 gaming to the masses, as Square Enix will use its expertise and reach to successfully leverage Elixir’s launcher. As a result of the partnership, Elixir users will soon be able to access Square Enix’s games.

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