Square Enix shares new trailer for its NFT game Symbiogenesis

Square Enix shares new trailer for its NFT game Symbiogenesis

Recently, Square Enix, the renowned publisher of video games like Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider, shared a preview trailer for their highly anticipated NFT project, Symbiogenesis.

New details surfaced about Symbiogenesis

Symbiogenesis has become a hotly debated subject among gamers, as its the first genuine attempt by a major gaming studio to release a blockchain-based game.

While Square Enix has recently replaced its crypto-friendly CEO, it remains dedicated to experimenting with blockchain-based gaming. The gaming giant is striving to develop an innovative genre of NFT-based entertainment with Symbiogenesis, called “narrative-unlocked NFT entertainment.”

Square Enix has disclosed that Symbiogenesis will boast 10,000 NFT collectible characters, each with a distinct design and diverse races and professions. Additionally, these characters can be utilized as social media profile pictures. The game will be released in six chapters, with the NFT characters being gradually unveiled in sync with each new chapter’s release.

It was also revealed that players of Symbiogenesis will simultaneously “progress through the main story and missions while also unlocking the stories held by the characters.” In addition, players will be able to “discover hidden items throughout the Floating Continent” and “determine the story’s conclusion by engaging in the World Mission, where the ultimate choice will be made.”

The controversial backstory of Symbiogenesis

Originally announced in November of last year, Symbiogenesis was characterized as “the first digital collectible art project created from scratch for Web3 fans.” Since the announcement, Square Enix has divulged more details about the game, affirming that it will be a fusion of a game and a collectible NFT project.

The recently released teaser trailer for Symbiogenesis exhibits the game’s remarkable artwork, displaying an array of imaginative creatures and landscapes. The trailer’s voiceover claims that “Every NFT has a story, every story is a piece of the puzzle. Collect, trade, and unlock the secrets of Symbiogenesis.”

The unveiling of Symbiogenesis has garnered a mixed response from the gaming community. While some are thrilled about the prospect of groundbreaking NFT-based entertainment, others have condemned the project, stating that it perpetuates the proliferation of NFTs, which they believe has detrimental consequences on the environment and the art industry.

Although Square Enix has yet to reveal the launch date for Symbiogenesis, enthusiasts can register for game updates on the official website. With the teaser trailer and further information on the project released, eagerness is growing for this unconventional and divisive NFT venture.

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