Square Enix reveals new NFT drop for its Web3 game ‘Symbiogenesis’

Square Enix reveals new NFT drop for its Web3 game ‘Symbiogenesis’

Square Enix, the renowned video game publisher behind the iconic Final Fantasy series, made a groundbreaking announcement this Tuesday. In a bold stride towards integrating gaming with blockchain technology, they introduced an allowlist campaign for their upcoming NFT game, “Symbiogenesis”.

NFTs for Discord users

The campaign, set to run on both the Ethereum and Polygon networks, marks the company’s further incursion into the NFT space.

The launch of “Chapter 1” of Symbiogenesis won’t see a public mint as per traditional NFT drops. Instead, Square Enix is offering character NFTs as rewards for fans actively engaging with the game’s Discord server. The two-week initiative starts immediately and will culminate on November 21, with the game’s release scheduled for December.

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Campaign Details (Source)

An allowlist spot not only signifies an early interest but also presents the opportunity to mint Symbiogenesis’ unique digital collectibles, potentially at no cost.

How to become eligible?

Points are accumulated on the Discord server, where players can engage in activities ranging from games to quizzes, influencing their rank and minting eligibility.

Participants are invited to engage in three distinct Discord games: the Lucky Bloom, the Majority-Minority Game, and the rigorously challenging “Hella Difficult” quiz. Moreover, prior involvement in social media contests rewarded fans with “relics”, now translated into points that give an edge in the current campaign, as disclosed by Square Enix.

The company has structured the release of 500 character NFTs in phases. Initially, ten allowlist slots are reserved for stakeholders and developers. The following phase will grant access to 90 slots for the top-ranked players. Ultimately, the remaining 400 will be accessible to all entrants in the allowlist campaign.

However, the possibility of free minting comes with a catch. In cases where multiple players vie for the same character NFT, an auction will ensue, with the final price hinging on the collective demand for these unique digital personas.


Introduced in November 2022, Symbiogenesis represents Square Enix’s inaugural venture into the NFT gaming world. Some of the NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum mainnet, while others will utilize Polygon to alleviate the often costly and slow transactions associated with the mainnet.

Symbiogenesis is crafted as an original IP, merging the appeal of digital collectible art with an interactive narrative, all revolving around the character NFTs and other collectibles.

Square Enix’s commitment to Web3

Square Enix isn’t new to the crypto and NFT realm. Their portfolio includes investments in The Sandbox metaverse and the launch of Final Fantasy VII trading card NFTs tied to tangible statues.

The gaming giant continues to pioneer in an industry that’s increasingly fascinated by the potential of NFTs despite the fluctuating public sentiment towards digital collectibles. With “Symbiogenesis,” the company embarks on a journey that could redefine gaming experiences and ownership, aligning itself with the future of digital asset interaction.

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