Spurs fans rejoice: NBA Top Shot drops first Wemby NFT

Spurs fans rejoice: NBA Top Shot drops first Wemby NFT

NBA Top Shot has launched the first NFT featuring San Antonio Spurs’ rookie Victor “Wemby” Wembanyama. This highly anticipated NFT, part of NBA Top Shot’s Rookie Debut Series 2023, is stirring significant excitement among Spurs fans.

Wemby dunks his way into the blockchain

Wembanyama had previously made a splash in the Web3 space when one of his NFTs was sold for an astounding $110,000 on Sorare, a renowned blockchain-based fantasy sports platform.

The new NFT drop by NBA Top Shot captures Wembanyama’s memorable season debut against the Mavericks. It vividly portrays the electric atmosphere in the stadium, showcasing fans waving their cell phone lights, a focused Wemby in the huddle with his teammates, and his first successful NBA three-point shot.

Spurs fans rejoice: NBA Top Shot drops first Wemby NFT - 1
Wembanyama after scoring his first three-pointer

However, owning a piece of this digital history comes with a hefty price tag. The initial offering of the Wembanyama NFT starts at a substantial $268. For the more passionate or affluent collectors, the first in the series is fetching prices upwards of $3000 on the NBA Top Shot fan market.

Base packs sell for $18, although they offer only a 10% chance of snagging a Wemby rare NFT. For a sure shot at one of the headline NBA rookie NFTs, be prepared to shell out $79.

NBA Top Shot: Packs for collectors

NBA Top Shot also announced a new opportunity for collectors, enabling them to acquire packs containing five guaranteed Rookie Debut Moments.

These packs can be obtained in two ways: through an ongoing presale window, which requires joining a draw before 1 PM ET, or via a conventional drop accessible on both the app and web, starting at 3 PM ET. Note that for web users, the waiting room for the queue opens at 2 PM ET.

This series not only highlights Wembanyama but also features other promising NBA rookies like Brandon Miller, Chet Holmgren, Scoot Henderson, Amen Thompson, and Ausar Thompson.

NFT sports market

The buzz around the NFT sports sector is growing, with the recent partnership between Chiliz and Animoca Brands potentially bringing in more collectors. Spurs fans should be prepared, as this drop by NBA Top Shot may be their chance to collect an important piece of basketball history, especially if Wembanyama manages to shine throughout the season.

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