Spotify explores the world of NFTs through token-enabled playlists

Spotify explores the world of NFTs through token-enabled playlists

From Feb. 23, Spotify, the music streaming platform, plans to exploit the world of NFTs by rolling out a new service dubbed “token-enabled playlists,” allowing NFT holders to connect their wallets and listen to curated playlists. 

The birth of token-gated playlists

The new service is currently available to NFT holders within the Kingship, Fluf, Overload, and Moonbirds communities. These communities will be actively updating the curated playlists during the three-month testing period and are only accessible to community members through unique links. 

Overload, the web3 gaming and entertainment brand, announced the partnership on Twitter and was immediately backed by Spotify. The brand noted that its lizard-themed Creepz NFT project holders could connect their Web3 wallets to Spotify and access the community’s special playlist, Invasion. Overload tweeted that the pilot project is only available to Android users in the UK, US, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany.

KINGSHIP, Universal Music Group’s NFT band, also announced the partnership and noted that it had created a token-controlled playlist. The playlist is only accessible by community NFT holders and features artists such as Snoop Dogg, Queen, Led Zeppelin, and Miss Elliot. 

NFT liquidity protocol NFTX lead developer, Apoorv Lathey, shared a screenshot from the pilot project indicating a step-by-step guide on how users can access the KINGSHIP special playlist on Spotify. Upon clicking the unique link shared on KINGSHIP Discord and Twitter, the page will redirect to Spotify, where the user must tap the play icon. The page will direct to a connection page where users can select their preferred wallet, connect and enjoy the music. According to the screenshot, the project only supports Zerion, Ledger Live, Trust Wallet, and Rainbow wallets. 

Spotify did not give extra information on spreading the services more broadly in the future. However, a spokesperson noted that Spotify periodically tests its services to improve its user experience. The person also stated that some Spotify projects pave the way for broader and better user experience while others are important lessons for future developments.

Spotify’s interaction with NFTs 

This ‘token-enabled playlist’ project is not Spotify’s first interaction with NFTs. In May 2022, the music streaming platform allowed several artists, including The Wombats and Steve Aoki, to promote NFTs on their profiles. 

This new NFT feature comes in as Spotify also rolls out the AI-powered DJ feature. The DJ will master the users’ music preferences with interesting information such as track, artist, and album and curate a playlist. The feature also has a synthesized AI voice that will commentate and drop tiny bits of trivia on the ever-changing and personalized music collection. The users can also change the music through a DJ button on the screen.

Meanwhile, decentralized experiences from various web3 music platforms, including Audius Music, Emanate, OPUS, and BPM, are challenging centralized music streaming. For instance, Audius Music allows listeners to earn AUDIO token bounties for using its app, while Anotherblock and Royal music platforms allow artists to trade their music royalties as fractionalized NFTs.

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