Spacebrat’s first free NFT minted over 300,000 times as it embraces a multi-chain ecosystem

Spacebrat’s first free NFT minted over 300,000 times as it embraces a multi-chain ecosystem

Jasmine Monsegue, an artist popularly known as Spacebrat, unveiled her maiden free NFT utilizing different platforms in an open-mint edition. The multichain NFT saw minters use Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Ethereum chains to mint it more than 300,000 times.

Free NFT minted over 300,000 times 

Spacebrat launched “Gleam,” a multichain NFT through Holograph protocol, to the non-fungible tokens space embracing the open edition mint, which attracted massive support beyond expectations. According to a Twitter post, the artist said she could not believe the NFT space minted her first NFT more than 30.762 times after 23 hours.

At the end of the mint, it was realized that the Holograph protocol enabled fans to mint the free NFT more than 300,000 times through different blockchains. However, the Polygon network claimed the lion’s share of 203,000 times out of the total token collected.

The holograph protocol is a creation of CXIP Labs. The protocol’s website indicates that it embraces a multi-chain tactic to enable art and other digital assets to occur singularly in different execution platforms. The protocol integrates Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Ethereum chains.

The “Gleam” piece presented in the free mint was previously featured at the New York art gallery WHAAM! It happened on her solo show named Pipe Dream. Monsegue works of art also decorated Vogue and Hyperbeast.

Free minting closed 

Gleam NFT can be accessed in OpenSea and other secondary marketplaces, with each chain having its designated page. Previously, enthusiasts accessed it freely during the 48-hour window using the Holograph website, where they could choose the most appropriate chain and only pay the transaction fee.  

The spokesperson affirmed that about 164,000 unique wallets were participating in the mint regarding the Dune query. A single wallet participated in the “Gleam” mint 1,241 times, and over 50 wallets accessed the NFT more than 100 times.

The “Gleam” mint follows Holograph’s April partnership that unveiled “Mosh Pit 2000,” by Dan Witz. The NFT minted $45 during the launch and collected 444 times. Making a comparison, Spacebrat’s “Gleam” NFT recorded extreme traction.

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