and Optimism co-founders pay tribute to Vitalik Buterin with NFT Song

Celebrities Music and Optimism co-founders pay tribute to Vitalik Buterin with NFT Song

In a unique homage to Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s creator, the co-founders of and Optimism, Gigamesh and Ben Jones, have released a catchy Eurodisco track titled “V Buterin”.

Vitalik dance song

Although Vitalik had already shown his dance moves during EDCON 2019, he had no music of his own to go along with the dance.

The song, inspired by Boney M’s 1978 dance hit “Rasputin”, celebrates Buterin’s journey and contributions to the crypto world, and it’s available as a free-to-mint non-fungible token (NFT) on the Web3 music platform,

It’s not uncommon for key figures in the crypto world to gain near-mythical status. From the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto, founder of Bitcoin, to the dynamic duo of Sam Bankman-Fried and Changpeng Zhao, crypto’s hero-turned-villain and his nemesis, many have made their mark. Yet, “V Buterin” is unique, drawing parallels between Buterin and the famed Russian mystic Rasputin.

College dropout turns into Mythical figure

The song pays tribute to Buterin’s brilliance and determination. The opening lines sing:

“Twas born a brilliant man, in Russian long ago. He dropped out of school with a perfect 4.0.”

The melody explores Buterin’s odyssey of establishing the Ethereum network and earning the admiration of the cryptocurrency sphere. The lyrics diverge significantly from the original “Rasputin” track, notably replacing the phrase “lover of the Russian Queen” with “Ain’t no Charles Hoskinson.”

Supporting Optimism layer 2 solution

The question arises: why create this song now? The answer lies in a recent announcement by The music NFT platform expanded to support Ethereum layer-2 Optimism, aiming to decrease costs for artists selling songs on the blockchain while enabling them to earn revenue directly from fans.

The response to the drop has been remarkable, with more than 27,000 NFTs of the song minted so far. The minting will continue until June 19, providing fans with an opportunity to own a piece of this musical tribute to a crypto legend.

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