Soulja Boy chastised over the advertisement of the newly released 3D NFT collection

Soulja Boy chastised over the advertisement of the newly released 3D NFT collection

Hours after a promotion campaign on Twitter for the new Soulja Boy 3D NFT collection, the American rapper Soulja Boy’s “Selling Fast” statement attracted castigation and jeers from several NFT enthusiasts on Twitter. 

Soulja Boy 3D NFT

The American rapper Soulja Boy released a new 3D NFT Collection of 500 unique collectible assets on the Ethereum blockchain. A few hours after the musician posted “Selling Fast,” followed by the details of the collection on his more than 5.5 million followers Twitter account, one NFT investigator, ZachXBT, played down the advertisement. 

According to ZachXBT, Soulja Boy’s collection was not selling fast as proclaimed since he had only sold 50 items.

Soulja Boy’s 3D NFT collection is limited to members’ only remunerations. It allows holders to participate in the looming Soulja Boy 3D Meta video game. The collection, available in the OpenSea marketplace, is under the gaming category with a floor price of 0.01 ETH and a total volume of 0.55 ETH.

“Selling Fast”

The “Selling Fast” phrase has led to uproar and castigation by various Twitter users. ZachXBT, a self-proclaimed on-chain investigator, was the first to react to the tweet by Soulja Boy indicating that selling was not fast as advertised.

Additionally, ZachXBT said that people were tired of Soulja Boy’s grifts. The artist is not new to hyped advertisements in the NFT industry. The on-chain detective posted a screenshot of Soulja Boy’s tweet from May 26, 2021, where the musician enticed people to participate in a presale of SaferMars.

After ZachXBT’s reply, some Twitter users followed suit, with most of them demeaning the selling rate of the rapper’s 3D NFT collection. Most of those who replied on the thread quickly criticized the rapper’s fastness in selling the newly created collection.

One of the NFT enthusiasts said that it was one of the ways that American artist and celebrity was using to raise money. 

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