Somnium Space Creators Fund Crowns Sophia Technologies’ Metaverse

Somnium Space Creators Fund Crowns Sophia Technologies’ Metaverse

Sophia Technologies, a UK-based digital education metaverse platform, was awarded as one of the Somnium Space Creators Fund winners.

The Somnium Space Creators Fund

Sophia Technologies, an educational technology company focused on developing metaverse learning experiences for its users, has been crowned as one of the winners of the Somnium Space Creators Fund for its digital and metaverse platform, the SOFIA Metaverse Education.

The Sonnium Space Creators Fund is the result of a partnership between Somnium Space, Winklevoss Capital, and Internet entrepreneur Vinny Lingam. The goal is to provide funding for cutting-edge, disruptive, and creative ideas in the digital economy.

All of the contributors to this fund are well-known players in web3: Somnium Space is a virtual reality platform powered by blockchain technology, Winklevoss Capital is a venture capital fund founded by the Winklevoss twins (the founders of Gemini exchange who claim to have had the idea to create Facebook), and Vinny Lingam is a Solana and Filecoin seed investor.

This award is a significant endorsement of Sophia Technologies’ unique approach to education in the metaverse, which uses virtual reality and 3D environments and models. With the help of the SOFIA platform, students can explore and learn in new and innovative ways. 

SOFIA Metaverse Education

As a result of this acknowledgment, Sophia Technology expects to continue to fulfill its aim of providing users of the metaverse with the best educational tools available. The company plans to use the prize money to develop ‘Athenaverse’, its metaverse education program based on the SOFIA platform, created to give students a more engaging and interactive learning environment. This project will be available through the metaverse to students from all over the world.

According to Sophia Technologies’ CEO and Founder, Melissa McBride:

“This investment will help us take our Metaverse Education platform to the next level, further advance Metaverse Education in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and provide students with a unique learning experience.”

Sophia Technologies’ was founded in 2018 to bring web3 experience in developing educational content and applications, using the blockchain advantages to democratize and decentralize education. 

Artur Saikov, Founder of Somnium Space, said that his company is excited about the opportunity to continue working with Sophia Technologies and for the chance to bring Sophia’s innovative approach to education in the metaverse to the mainstream.

Investing in the Metaverse

The metaverse has been one of the hot topics of 2022 for web3 in general. Many companies, noticing the potential of the metaverse, have been quietly entering into partnerships with blockchain-based companies developing metaverse platforms or a collection of goods and services that can be used in the metaverse.

That’s what happened with Macy’s, the American company of retail shops, who decided to throw its famous Thanksgiving Day Parade in the metaverse, featuring virtual galleries of five NFT projects.

Another company that has been making good use of the metaverse is Lamborghini. In October, the famous luxury carmaker announced a unique tour for its NFT collectors in the metaverse created through a partnership with INVNT ATOM and NFTPro.

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