Solana’s ChatGPT plugin can fetch blockchain data

Solana’s ChatGPT plugin can fetch blockchain data

On April 25, 2023, Solana Labs announced that the company is working on an open-source ChatGPT plugin that allows users to access the Solana network through ChatGPT.

Solana’s users can access their wallets through Solana’s ChatGPT plugin

Solana is working on an open-source reference implementation of an AI plugin to let users check their wallet balances, transfer Solana-native digital assets, and trade NFTs through OpenAI’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, ChatGPT. The plug-in will be usable after OpenAI makes plugin features more accessible, but it did not specify when it will be available to the public. 

The blockchain network called on developers to test the plugin using the open-source code to retrieve on-chain data they may need to launch their own versions. 

Solana shared a screenshot on its Twitter account illustrating that the plugin can retrieve NFTs owned by specific Solana addresses, which shared a bonded metadata link to the NFT. The testers presumably got the metadata link from Solana Labs’ block explorer.

The new ChatGPT plugins will fetch information from interactions with third-party websites and other online sources to respond to user requests. The feature is currently being introduced to all users as OpenAI works to make ChatGPT more accurate. 

Solana’s users on Twitter have responded differently to the news, with one user asking Solana to first focus on providing a “working block explorer.” The user with the pseudonym Matt said Solana could start by replicating all data and charts on etherscan for Solana.

Matt noted that having an accurate ‘source for circulating SOL supply from network launch’ would benefit the ecosystem since there is no excellent free source of historical blockchain data, and paid APIs have conflicting data.

Solana opens up to more AI opportunities

Solana Labs is focusing on AI, recently announcing funding for AI projects on the network. The company announced on April 25 that it has a $1 million fund for small-scale grants to sponsor projects exploring the Solana blockchain and AI intersection. The grants range from $5k to $25k for new and old projects.

The grants aim to encourage Solana to explore new use cases to improve its throughput and scalability. Apps eligible for the grants must be open for public use, be open-source when launched, and have their source code available to the Solana Foundation.   

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