Solana pioneers the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the blockchain technology

Solana pioneers the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the blockchain technology

The Solana Foundation has unveiled a ChatGPT plug-in created by Solana Labs to tap into artificial intelligence (AI), becoming the pioneer blockchain to integrate AI. The plug-in aims at easing Web3 operations such as facilitating trading, listing NFTs, transmitting tokens, and reading data.

ChatGPT and NFTs

According to a recent press release, the Solana network becomes the first blockchain to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) in its operations through a Solana Labs-developed ChatGPT plug-in. NFT enthusiasts stand to benefit from the new advancements as the plug-in works towards making Web3 simple.

The AI program increases the levels of accessibility to the system by users and developers who will query the AI for answers rather than reading bulky documents. The AI plug-in also makes engagement with blockchain technology easier and seamless, which could entice more users to the Solana platform.

The company further unveiled an AI-focused accelerator package for university students and extended its scholarship program on AI projects.

The ChatGPT integration is also set to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the Solana platform. It makes transactions faster and more accurate, thus improving the overall performance of the ecosystem, an aspect that will positively contribute to increased levels of NFT trades.

AI to facilitate NFT purchases

The AI-powered plug-in can analyze NFT collections and make it easier for investors to make well-versed decisions. The mechanism can use floor price to identify NFT collections, thus cutting the time spent by users to choose NFTs to buy or sell. Therefore, it might lead to an increase in NFT sales on the Solana platform.

Anatoly Yakovenko co-founder Solana underscored the significance of incorporating AI models in customer-centric applications by saying, “developers creating customer centric apps need to think how the users will interact with it through AI technology because it is the new norm of instructing computers.”

Solana’s move to integrate AI into its blockchain is a noteworthy advancement in the crypto world. The company’s determination to push the boundaries of crypto by integrating new applications depicts a prosperous future for crypto and NFT enthusiasts. AI integration is crucial to the blockchain community, which yearns for better services.

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