Snoop Dogg, VeeFriends collaborate to introduce an NFT experience for collectors

Snoop Dogg, VeeFriends collaborate to introduce an NFT experience for collectors

Reports indicate that famous American rapper Snoop Dogg collaborated with VeeFriends to bring an exciting experience through the ‘Please Take a step back’ collection. 

Snoop Dogg, VeeFriends collaborate

The NFT space is waking up to a collaboration between famous American Hip hop artist Snoop Dogg and VeeFriends, the NFT community created by Gary Vaynerchuk. This partnership was initially forged in 2022. 

In a press statement released in Feb 2022, VeeFriends noted that Snoop Dog would join VeeCon 2022. Snoop Dogg also made a similar announcement on his Twitter account. 

More recent reports indicate that the fruits of the collaboration will start being seen in the coming days. Based on reports, due to this collaboration, Snoop Dogg will release a new single on April 28. Reports allege that Snoop’s fans can pre-save this new song and be the first to experience it when it drops.

Moreover, the reports note that VeeCon will create a multiphase experience on Bum Island to benefit NFT collectors. Reports noted that this collaboration would have 3 phases. 

Eruption 6

The first phase is called eruption 6: Burn to mint. In this first phase, only VeeCon 2022 NFT ticket holders can have access. This first phase will begin on April 28, 4:20 PM EDT, and run till May 8, 4:20 PM EDT, exactly ten days, and the NFT holders will burn them to gain a “Please Take a Step Back” NFT. 

The second phase will be called “Burn to Compete & Ape In.” Snoop Dogg launches this phase with a new music video for the song “Please Take a Step Back.” Based on the reports, the second phase will consist of two competitions demanding NFT holders to burn their digital collectibles from the “Please Take a Step Back.”

The competition winners will win BAYC #1452, MAYC #12904, Bored Kennel Club #1452, or Koda Otherdeed for Otherside #28379. Those between the 4th and 10th place will earn 1K APE tokens. 

The final phase involves burning NFT tokens from the “Please Take a Step Back” collection to attend a reunion concert in Atlanta. The concert on August 9 will have critical participation from Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg.

Many top musicians have involved themselves in the NFT and metaverse landscape in recent months. Recently, Korean K-Pop star G-Dragon announced the dawn of his new NFT collection, which has already earned vast adoption. 

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