Snoop Dogg shocks fans by quitting weed; Rumors surge of an upcoming NFT edibles project

Snoop Dogg shocks fans by quitting weed; Rumors surge of an upcoming NFT edibles project

The iconic rapper Snoop Dogg announced he is “giving up smoke”, leading to a flurry of speculations and rumors. The announcement, made on Thursday, has not only shocked fans but also stirred the crypto market, with enthusiasts making bets on the possible implications of this decision.

Snoop Dogg quits smoking

The 52-year-old music and entertainment mogul took to social media to share his decision, stating he made the decision “after much consideration and conversation” with his family. He added a plea for privacy during this time.

This revelation has prompted widespread speculation among fans and industry observers. Many believe that this could be a strategic move preceding the launch of new products under his cannabis company, Leafs By Snoop, or his digital cannabis and edibles brand, Uncle Snoop’s.

Uncle Snoop’s edibles and NFTs

Uncle Snoop’s made a splash in the edibles market in 2022 with the launch of ‘Snazzle Os,’ onion-flavored, cannabis-infused snacks in California. These snacks, a collaboration with Tsumo Snacks, were described as having a stronger onion flavor than Funyuns.

Further fueling the rumors is Uncle Snoop’s trademark filing, which outlines an ambitious range of products for the metaverse. The filing mentions “virtual cannabis goods for use in online environments”, authenticated by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The plans also include selling “pre-rolled hemp cigarettes” alongside a variety of smoking items, clothing, and food products like potato chips, cookies, and iced coffee.

A top comment on his announcement post speculated:

“This is probably just gonna be some viral campaign where he launches his own line of vapes or edibles or something.”

Marketing strategy or health-conscious decision?

Despite the rampant speculation, there has also been a significant outpouring of support for Snoop Dogg’s decision. Health-conscious fans have praised his choice, with one top comment emphasizing, “Health above anything else.”

As the world watches this unexpected turn in Snoop Dogg’s illustrious career, the questions remain: Is this a permanent lifestyle change for the rapper or a clever marketing strategy for an upcoming product launch? Only time will tell if this move heralds a new chapter in Snoop Dogg’s entrepreneurial journey or if it’s a strategic step towards expanding his already diverse business empire.

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