Snoop Dogg among web3-powered startup Shiller’s backers

Snoop Dogg among web3-powered startup Shiller’s backers

Snoop Dogg, the American rapper and NFT enthusiast, is backing the launch of a web3-powered live streaming software dubbed “Shiller,” set to debut in April this year. 

Snoop Dogg, among artists embracing web3 and the metaverse

Just yesterday, Jimmy Fallon was talking about NFTs with Paris Hilton. Several other high-profile celebrities have joined just months later, and mainstream companies have moved toward the decentralized web revolution.

Few celebrities have dived farther into the metaverse than Snoop Dogg. Not only was it discovered last year that Snoop is a giant NFT whale, but the rapper has also built his collection of digital assets (dubbed “The Doggies”). Snoop even replicated his residence at the Sandbox metaverse.

Snoop Dogg is reportedly among the founding members of the web3-based live broadcast platform Shiller. Technology enthusiast Sam Jones is also part of the team behind the platform. Snoop Dogg has partnered with several web3 companies, adding Shiller to the list.

Snoop has made it evident that he is not scared of the continuing crypto winter as he has stepped into the Web3 ecosystem. Last year, he said the decline in blockchain-backed assets “weeded out all the folks who weren’t intended to be in the market and who were exploiting the possibilities that were there.” With the bad actors out of the way, Snoop believes the future of Web3 will be filled with excellent stuff to choose and choose from.

Web3’s explosion into the creative economy

Shiller’s debut seems part of a more significant creative economy trend in which Web3 will certainly play a role. Shiller combines live streaming experiences and NFTs.

Shiller users can post gated material that users with accompanying social tokens will only view. One of the Web3-powered app’s most vital qualities will be its monetization. Creators can distribute commercial items, promote NFTS, and earn virtual tips and presents. Moreover, creators can cash out their earnings in fiat currencies.

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