Smarter Web 3.0: ChainGPT is bridging A.I. and blockchain tech 

Smarter Web 3.0: ChainGPT is bridging A.I. and blockchain tech 

ChainGPT has created a sophisticated A.I. model that enhances accessibility to the Blockchain space for all.

ChainGPT launches beta

ChainGPT’s beta version is currently available for free as a free-to-use trial, offering an all-encompassing A.I. model that caters to various crypto and blockchain topics, such as smart contracts development, risk management, market analysis, advanced A.I. trading, blockchain analytics, code explainer, knowledge & guidance, A.I. auditor, and automated news source, among others.

ChainGPT’s A.I. model makes smart contract creation a breeze, allowing anyone to bring their dApp (decentralized application) vision to life in mere seconds. The organization also provides several other A.I. tools, such as “Dev Assist, A.I. Generated News, A.I. Generated NFTs, and an A.I. Trading Bot”, in addition to the ChainGPT A.I. model.

ChainGPT layer1 blockchain coming soon

Additionally, ChainGPT has announced the imminent launch of its own blockchain in the second quarter (Q2) of 2023. This next-generation virtual machine combines EVM compatibility and on-chain A.I. inference to enable the development of decentralized A.I. applications on the Blockchain.

Furthermore, ChainGPT is set to launch a Layer-2 blockchain in Q2 of 2023, based on zkRollup. This cutting-edge technology provides a scaling solution for decentralized applications and A.I. models that run on the Layer-1 ChainGPT Blockchain. The combination of zero-knowledge proofs and rollup technology optimizes transaction size, reducing transaction costs, and enabling faster transactions on the ChainGPT Blockchain.

ChainGPT’s utility token to back up ecosystem

The ChainGPT organization intends to introduce its unique utility token, $GPT, which will serve as the underlying support system for its ecosystem. Paid plans are offered to individuals, developers, and businesses, and some of the A.I. tools developed by ChainGPT necessitate $GPT payments for their premium plans. $GPT token holders receive 50% of all income generated from these tools, and 50% of all income is withdrawn from the total supply as part of the project’s burn mechanism.

ChainGPT has yet to release its utility token ($GPT), and initial supporters of its platform have the opportunity to participate in the early sale of its GPT crypto token. Data from historical trends suggest that pre-sales and early-sales are the most advantageous entry points for investing in cryptocurrencies, particularly when dealing with technological innovations like ChainGPT and its organization.

A.I. tokens on the rise thanks to ChatGPT

A.I. projects seem to be getting a spot in the sun lately. An increase in floor price for multiple blockchain-based projects leveraging artificial intelligence tech was observed, with Revenants and iNFT Personality Pods capturing attention after recording significant growth. In addition, A.I.-related NFT collections, such as the iNFT Personality Pod (POD), have also took the market by start, with rising floor prices and trading volume.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) tokens have recently gained prominence as ChatGPT continues to take the world by storm. However, ChainGPT seems to be the first to take its non-blockchain peer premise and to adapt it for the web 3.0. industry. 

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