Sky Mavis introduces “Mavis Hub: Greenlight” for enhanced Axie Infinity experience

Sky Mavis introduces “Mavis Hub: Greenlight” for enhanced Axie Infinity experience

Sky Mavis, the parent company to Axie Infinity, has unveiled a new feature in its desktop app, Mavis Hub: Greenlight. The app aims to bring game developers and the community together, allowing for early access to Axie games and a democratic game-listing process through community voting.

“Greenlighting” a new wave of web3 games

Mavis Hub: Greenlight is not just a one-off; it’s part of a broader push to enhance the Axie Builder’s Program. While the initial focus is on Axie games, there’s potential for Greenlight to incorporate various game genres in the future. For players eager to dive into the new games, Greenlight offers immediate access to titles such as Tri-Force and Culinary Wars.

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Source: Axie Infinity Blog

At its core, Greenlight serves as a platform for game developers to showcase playable pre-production versions of their games. This encompasses games developed by Sky Mavis, partner organizations, or first-time developers.

Expanding the Lunacia ecosystem

Currently, the feature is available on the Mavis Hub Desktop App, with a web-based iteration launching soon. The inaugural games on Greenlight, Mini Tri-Force and Culinary Wars, offer diverse experiences.

In Mini Tri-Force, players confront youkai to restore a poisoned forest. Culinary Wars, on the other hand, places players in a bustling kitchen where they can also interact with a 3D axie mixer, a pivotal feature for future Axie encounters.

Beyond merely playing these games, users can cast their votes for their favorites, offering game developers invaluable feedback and a chance to build a dedicated player base within the Lunacia ecosystem.

The Greenlight process is simple and user-friendly. After downloading the latest Mavis Hub version, users can navigate to the Greenlight section, choose a game, and follow straightforward installation steps. Once installed, players can immediately start their gaming journey.

Looking to submit your game?

For developers eyeing a spot on Greenlight, a few criteria must be met. Games should be in a playable “beta” state with a complete game loop. Developers can submit their games via an application form and stay updated through the Builder’s Discord channel.

A review panel evaluates these submissions, with approved games making their Greenlight debut. Players from around the world can then download and engage with these games.

As Greenlight takes shape, the hope is to see more teams come on board and work towards a progressively decentralized gaming ecosystem. For now, as Mavis Hub suggests, it’s back to building!

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