Sky Mavis and Act Games forge alliance: Migrating Japanese Web3 games to Ronin Network

Sky Mavis and Act Games forge alliance: Migrating Japanese Web3 games to Ronin Network

Sky Mavis, the creator of the groundbreaking Web3 title Axie Infinity, has announced a strategic partnership with Act Games. This collaboration aims to migrate prominent Japanese and South Korean games to Sky Mavis’ Ronin Web3 network.

Sky Mavis welcomes Act Games

Since its inception in 2021, Axie Infinity has seen an astounding $4 billion in player trades. The success of this title propelled Sky Mavis to develop its own blockchain network, Ronin.

Ronin is now opening its doors to Act Games, the South Korean gaming studio known for its ties with esteemed Japanese intellectual properties. Its portfolio includes iconic characters like Hello Kitty, Zoids, Aggretsuko, and Bubble Bobble.

The joint venture will kick off with the migration of Zoids Wild Arena to the Ronin platform. This blockchain trading card game draws inspiration from the Zoids franchise by Tomy Company, Japan’s largest toy manufacturer.

Act Games boasts a significant presence in the gaming world. Since 2019, its four titles have amassed over three million downloads. Moreover, Act Games is set to unveil a new casual game genre featuring Hello Kitty and Friends in 2024.

“ACT Games excels at expanding iconic IPs, transcending demographics, and enhancing player engagement. This alliance will allow us to combine our web3 learnings and expertise with nostalgic IP backed by a pre-existing core fanbase,” – Trung Nguyen, CEO of Sky Mavis.

Viggo Chung, business development lead at ACT Games, emphasized the transformative potential of blockchain:

“Our collaboration with Sky Mavis isn’t just about migration; it’s a deep-rooted partnership that blends their Web3 expertise with our specialization for crafting standalone IP-based titles,”

Zoids Wild Arena

Zoids Wild Arena, the latest Act Games title, is rooted in the Zoids Wild and Zoids Wild Zero anime series. It replicates the traditional trading card game dynamics, where players can engage in battles, trade, and acquire cards.

As part of this migration, players who switch to a Ronin wallet will receive rewards, including Zoids NFTs and a token airdrop. Zoids Wild Arena enthusiasts can register and play on the official website. The migration is scheduled for November 8.

Currently in beta, Zoids Wild Arena will launch globally, excluding Japan, China, and Korea. This partnership marks a significant step in blending traditional gaming with the innovative realm of Web3, potentially reshaping the gaming landscape.

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